5 Best Bonnet Hair Dryers that Will Make the Process Easy For You

One of the hardships of going on a business trip for almost a week – other than being away from your family or dogs, of course – is not having your trusted stylist around to fix your do. Transacting with new people can be quite mundane if you have been doing it for years, but putting your hair up in a bun or a ponytail just to hide the dull mess can really cramp your style.

I know from experience how frustrating it can be; that’s why I have taken it upon myself to search for the best bonnet hair dryers in the market.


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How to Look for the Best Bonnet Hair Dryers On The Market 2016-2017

When you view a lot of hair-drying devices on the internet, choosing the one that fits your needs may take a while if you have zero idea of what you should be searching for. Hence, you may deem it gainful to know that a great bonnet dryer can do the following:

1. Keep the moisture in your hair

bonnet hair dryers keep the moisture in your hair

The reason why I see no fun in using a blow dryer is that the concentrated heat makes the water and other nutrients on my hair evaporate. I am pretty certain that you have experienced it in the past, specifically if you cannot get out of the house with damp locks, so it is vital to have a unit that allows you to maintain the moisture in the hair. It will be a plus if it can produce ions to relax the strands.

2. Shorten the drying time

bonnet hair dryers shorten the drying time

The concept behind the product is that the tiny holes surrounding the inside of the cap let the air pass through them and dry your locks within one hour. It is a feature that women with long and thick hair can benefit from as utilizing a handheld blower and twisting it to reach various sides seem less favorable than permitting the bonnet dryer to distribute heat all over your head. It may also provide you a lot of free time to apply makeup and eat your breakfast in peace.

3. Manage the height

Many detest the old versions of the hooded dryer because of how they restrict the salon-goer from turning her head or taking a few steps at the least. As you will potentially use the tool at home where all your chores are waiting, the best thing you can do is invest in a high-quality and movable bonnet hair dryer. It does not have to elongate over five feet, to be honest, but having its height immobile at one foot is not striking either.

4. Run different heat settings

bonnet hair dryers run different heat settings

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Even with cap dryers, you need a product that offers more than two heat options so as to prove its flexibility. Provided that the knob says low, medium, and high, for instance, you should be able to feel that the level of hotness changes for real. Of course, there should also be a setting that pulses cool air to the hair to ensure that the style will stay.

5. Easy to transport

bonnet hair dryers easy to transport

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A portable bonnet dryer is ideal for career-oriented girls who have to always be on-the-go whenever their work asks for it. The struggle to locate a trustworthy stylist outside of your local town is real, so it can deliver a bit of goodness to your hair if you own a hooded hair dryer that can be brought at any place.

6. Accommodate diverse lengths

Whether you have a pixie cut or hair that is as long as Rapunzel’s, the unit should have the capability to cover your entire head with or without the largest rollers you can ever get. There has to be a string accessory as well that you may use to squeeze the hat closer to the hair line and prevent it from flying away due to the strong burst of air.

The Top 5 Best Bonnet Hair Dryers You Should Check Out 2016-2017

1. Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer, Purple with White Bonnet

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If you wish to have gorgeous hair yet there are two tasks waiting to get done, you may appreciate having the soft bonnet dryer from Laila Ali in your life. This portable product measures 13 by 11.2 by 4 inches and is complete with a hose and an elastic material for the hood’s rim.

The feature that has made it one of the best bonnet hair dryers out there is the electrical cord, which entails that you are not required to hold a blower on one end to power it up. The white and purple color combination is a great touch as well, and you can see it live here:


  • This cap comes in a luxurious storage that also serves as the case for its motor.
  • The handle on the equipment makes it stress-free to bring it elsewhere on its own.
  • The bonnet and the hose have separate spaces, and they are easy to attach to each other.
  • Even when the heat blows into the dryer, it can provide a lot of room for your jumbo rollers.
  • Its airflow system contains ions that can ideally lessen the damage that your locks can incur from the hot temperature.
  • There are a total of four settings, yet keeping it on low heat may be enough at times, especially if you have fine strands.
  • Apart from the elastic rim, a string has been stitched around it for in case you want to maintain the snugness of the cap around your head.


  • The holes where you need to get the important pieces in and out of are quite tiny; that’s why preparing and storing them back may become a hassle.

2. Hair Flair New and Improved Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment

Hair Flair New and Improved Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment

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In case you are among those people who trust a product based on the accolades it has received, Hair Flair’s Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer may not fall behind your expectations. In truth, the item bagged the Best Styling Tool award during the NaturallyCurly Editors’ Choice 2015. With the high number of hair-drying merchandises that consumers can obtain in the marketing, you may agree with me when I say that being recognized like this is indeed a wonderful achievement.

Another benefit that may become apparent after purchasing the bonnet is that you will not have to abandon your perfectly functioning blower. This is what you actually need to inject hot air into the cap.


  • The chin straps are noteworthy because they are different from the adjustable buckles that helmets often have. It may, therefore, be extra comfortable to wear it in comparison with the others.
  • Along with the chin straps are strings on the sides that you can pull on in case the hat should be tightened.
  • The material used to create this unit is washable; that’s why you may remove any stain or dirt on it.
  • You do not have to clasp your hand around the hose collar to keep the blow dryer attached since it has a silicone grip which can do the job.
  • The tube expands up to 39 inches, so moving with the bonnet on will not be an issue.


  • A large blower may not fit into the hose.

3. Highland Venus Plus Bonnet Hair Dryer

Highland Venus Plus Bonnet Hair Dryer

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Whether you want a professional bonnet hair dryer at home or for the new salon that you are planning to launch, why don’t you pay a glance at this Highland Venus Plus merchandise?

Its actual height is close to two feet, while the diameter and depth of the inner hood are 12 and 6.5 inches, respectively. The whole thing has been crafted from stainless steel and covered with powder that deflects chemicals. It has an in-built timer, in addition, which stops the 980-watt motor after an hour. Other than that, it has garnered the approval of CSA and UL.


  • When you install it in the house, you have the opportunity to succeed in doing the hairstyle that you may have paid hundreds of dollars for at the salon.
  • It will also be effortless to get the feeling that you are in an actual beauty shop once you have this, minus the service charges.
  • The metallic and chemical-resistant body of the unit promises long-term usage, which is a characteristic that we wish to see a hair dryer.


  • It is not compact nor lightweight; that’s why you cannot take it on each journey out of the city or country.
  • You may be required to get a special chair to fix it with to feel relaxed as you dry your hair with it.

4. Hot Tools Professional 800 Watt Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Hot Tools Professional 800 Watt Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer, Black & White

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If blow-drying your thick and coarse hair takes you forever before you can leave the house, then perhaps this Hot Tools soft bonnet dryer may save you some time. At approximately three and a half pounds, the unit already has a power source and a sizeable cap that can accommodate your braids or large rollers.

The black casing comes with a metallic handle, so it just looks similar to a small handbag from afar. It seems trendy, and the essential bits are safely stored in their compartments.


  • The motor of this product is so powerful at 800 watts, which converts to almost 1.1 horsepower.
  • Due to the strong mechanism, it may not take more than an about to set your locks, so you consume less time and electrical energy.
  • The colors you will see on it are silver, black, and white, and they appear sophisticated altogether.
  • It is also admirable that the low, medium and high settings truly have varied levels of hotness, so even if your hair is not very dense, you can utilize it effectively.
  • The ions that the device injects in the airflow do something nice for the tough strands because they can potentially tame the hair down without harming to it.


  • The problem is with the hose, as its length may be a little short and it may restrict your movements.
  • It does not lock easily on the cap too, so you have to double-check it prior to turning the machine on.

5. ProVersa JHBD100 Salon Style Hard Bonnet Folding Hair Dryer

Pro Versa JHBD100 Salon Style Hard Bonnet Folding Hair Dryer

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Want to dry your locks real quick without the frizzy texture that a blower can give you? The hard bonnet tool may just be what you need then.

The unit is like a contemporary version of the hooded dryers that celebrities and socialites from the Old Hollywood used to set their glamorous curls. It can help you primp your hair efficient at 1875 watts. With its dimension of 15.2 by 15.2 by 12.6 in inches, you may find it effortless to slip your head underneath it even with hard rollers.


  • It has been constructed with a tourmaline ionize which can speed up the drying process and increase the hair’s luster.
  • The bonnet dryer folds up nicely; that’s why you can find a space for it in the luggage and still carry the other stuff necessary for the trip.
  • It weighs as much a regular blow-dryer does because of its plastic body.
  • This device has four heat settings – high, medium, low, and cool – that will allow you to style those locks in any way you want by only staying in one position.
  • It will not flip over in case you miscalculate your actions since the base has a Triple-Fin system that lets it remain balanced.


  • The crown of the head may touch the top of the dryer.
  • You cannot adjust its height, so you have no choice but to place it on a shelf or atop a table and sit underneath it.

The Outcome

Amid the best bonnet hair dryers that money can pay for, the Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer appears to possess the features we are looking for. Not only does it have a string for tightening the cap, but it also comes with a chin strap to ascertain that you can really get comfy on your chair or bed while using it. The hose is expandable as well for ensuring that you will not have to bend down whenever you switch it on, and it will just function once you attach the handheld blow dryer to it.

Do you agree with this idea? Give us the deets in the comments below.

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