The Best Callus Remover for Perfect Skin

Most people around the world suffer from calluses at some point in life. However, awareness about this issue is very limited and even fewer people own a callus remover. This review guide will help you identify the best callus remover so you can stop suffering today and lead a healthy life with perfect skin.


Top 5 Best Callus Removers Reviews 2017- Comparision Chart

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What is a Callus?

Before talking about the various callus removers for you to choose from, let’s take time to understand the basics about calluses and how to deal with them. In fact, this information may just help you make the right decision in choosing the best remover for yourself.

A callus, to say simply, is a defense mechanism that your body uses to protect the inner layers of skin under and around your feet. It is a flat area of tough, thickened skin that is caused when your foot is exposed to repeated rubbing or pressure.

The friction generated due to such repetitive pressure causes the skin at that point to toughen in resistance in order to protect the skin beneath from several factors like cold, heat and penetration.

While most calluses are found to form at the bottom of the feet, they may rarely develop along the sides or even at the top of any foot. This may most probably be due to friction experienced from the hard part of a footwear that may be too tight or ill-fitted.

One point to remember is that corns are not the same as calluses. There is a widespread misconception that both these issues are exactly the same.

While they may be similar in some ways, they are quite different from each other and hence, need to be treated differently from each other.

Corns too form under the same conditions as calluses but they have a core that the points inwards. This core can apply pressure on nerves and cause intense pain which is not the case in calluses.

Types of Treatments

Types of Treatments for Callus Remover


While most modern medical professional may recommend you to use an electrical callus remover to get rid of the inconvenient thick masses of skin, this was not always the case.

Before technology could contribute in this field, people used other methods to deal with calluses. Some of these methods are still in use today.

Let’s take a look at all the various ways you can help yourself with to help you decide the best way for you.

Home Remedy

Home Remedies for Calluses on Feet

Water is a great skin cleanser but it also helps soften the skin very easily. When the skin is softened, it becomes easier to treat the callus. All you have to do is add some Epsom salt to the water and dip your feet in it for about 30 minutes.

The salt will act as an exfoliating agent and rub off dead skin cells on the callus. After 30 minutes, use a pumice stone and scrub away the rest of the dead skin over the callus. Even diabetics can use this method to safely remove the calluses on their feet.

Callus Remover Gels

Best Callus Remover Gels


Callus remover gels are used mostly to tackle big calluses and not small, tiny ones. These gels contain a strong acidic agent to soften the callus in the matter of few minutes.

Once softened, the dead skin over the callus becomes very easy to peel off. The usual time it takes for a gel to soften the callus is around 3 – 5 minutes.

However, this method is not recommended for diabetics.

Callus Foot Peels

Peels are also a popular option to treat calluses, especially those that have become really hard and tough. Peels contain Beta and Alpha Hydroxy acids – the same agents used to treat issues like acne scars and hyper-pigmentation.

But here, the doses of these acids is much stronger. Once applied, they quickly soften the dead skin over the callus, making it easier to peel off.

Callus foot peels are not recommended for diabetics.

Electric Callus Remover

Best Electric Callus Remover


This is one of the quickest and safest ways to remove calluses. An electric callus remover come attached with rollers that you are required to move gently over the callus.

These rollers have several hundred tiny bumps that slowly exfoliate the dead skin over the callus – much like a pumice stone but much faster.

Even diabetics can use these machines, provided they do so gently and carefully.

Pro Tips 

Now that I have shared the various methods used to tackle calluses, let me also tell you which method is most effective in which case.

  • The home remedy shared may be effective on small to medium sized calluses but may not help in removal of the bigger ones.
  • Electric removers on the other hand are great in removing medium to big calluses but not the smaller ones. Both, peels and gels are recommended only to treat big, thick calluses.

Top 5 Best Callus Remover Reviews on The Market 2016-2017

1. Electric Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico

Electric Callus Remover and Shaver by Naturalico


This is a popular electric callus remover that comes with a rechargeable battery. While it is very effective in doing its job, it also sports a rather attractive look.


  • This product comes with a rechargeable battery than can be charge over 1000 times during its lifetime which means you do not need to spend on expendable batteries after every few uses.
  • It comes with an LED indicator that makes it easy to identify whether it is getting charged or not. Also, the red light turns green when the charging is completed.
  • This electric remover has a roller that spins 40 times per second. This high speed ensures that the exfoliation is more effectively performed.
  • This remover also offers users the option of choosing between two speeds depending upon the thickness and size of the callus.
  • The cleaner is also water-resistant which makes it very easy to clean and maintain high levels of hygiene.
  • Also provided along with the remover unit is a cleaning brush made to reach all the tough places while cleaning.


  • The charging time of this remover is 8 hours, post which you only get a usage time of 40 minutes which is not very long.

2. Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals


This is one of the most popular electric callus remover available in the market today. It is manufactured by reputed company Amopé which has years of experience and trust behind its name.


  • This quality product from Amopé features a head that turn a complete 360 degrees for superior exfoliation even in the case of thick, big calluses.
  • The time it takes for this remover to exfoliate calluses is quite fast.
  • The design of this callus remover was made keeping in mind the ease of usability which means you may use it for a longer period of time for treating thicker calluses without feeling any discomfort.
  • The roller, which needs to be replaced after a certain number of sessions, is easy to remove and replace. It does not require any technical expertise.
  • This remover also comes with a cover that makes it easy to carry wherever you go. If you suffer from calluses frequently but are always traveling, this may be a great way to ensure that you are always carting the remover with you.


  • This callus remover does not come with a rechargeable battery but requires AA batteries to run. Over time, this may act as an added cost to you.

3. Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File

Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File


Yes, there is another product on this list from the reputed brand Amopé. This is a more premium offering compared to the one above. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.


  • This callus remover runs on rechargeable batteries and not AA expendable ones. This may help save more in the long run.
  • The Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File is completely water-proof. This means you can easily use it when in the shower or in the bath tub.
  • As it is water-proof, it may make it much easier to clean it out after every use to maintain high levels of hygiene.
  • This remover features an ergonomically designed soft-touch handle which may make it easier to use for a longer time when dealing with really touch calluses.
  • It comes with a two-speed setting that you may choose from depending on the nature of the callus you are dealing with.
  • The time it takes for the roller to start acting on the calluses in an effective manner is optimal.


  • This callus remover does fall in the pricey category and may be out of range for those on a tight budget. First-time buyers may also be more comfortable investing in a less expensive electric remover.

4. UTILYZE 10-in-1 Professional Electric Manicure and Pedicure Set

UTILYZE 10-in-1 Professional Electric Manicure and Pedicure Set


This is a professional skincare tool that can do much more than just callus removal. It may be the right choice for those people looking to solve more than one issue with just one tool. Here’s how this product can help you.


  • Apart from removing calluses, you can use this machine to shape, buff, file, and shine nails, remove excess cuticles and even smoothen out corns. For this, you are provided 9 different attachments with the product.
  • Unlike most electric callus removers, this does not offer just two speeds. Instead, it comes with a progressive 10-speed motor so it becomes easier to choose a speed depending on the nature of the callus.
  • It also comes with a carry case which is great for people who travel often and also suffer from calluses often.
  • A detachable bright LED light is also provided to give a highlighted view during the procedure.
  • The manufacturer also provides a 3 year warranty which may be most helpful for skeptical first-time buyers.


  • It too falls in the pricey range and may not be the best option for those on a tight budget.
  • It is not a water-proof remover and so may not be suitable for those who want to use it while bathing.

5. Baby Foot Scented Foot Care

Baby Foot Scented Foot Care


This callus foot peel is one of the oldest and most trusted products available in the market today. It is ideal to use over big, thick calluses that cannot be treated with home remedies. Here’s more about it.


  • The application process is very simple and easy to follow for anyone. All you need to do is apply, soak and then wash away the peel.
  • It takes only one week for complete removal of dead skin cells from your foot if applied regularly.
  • Some people may be concerned about the smell the peel may leave behind after use. However, you will be happy to know that several users of this product have reported that any smell disappears after washing the foot.
  • Your skin is a delicate organ and you must only apply products made by trusted brands to avoid any allergic reaction, and this product is made by quite a reputed brand.


  • This is the most expensive product to feature on this list and may fall out of range for those on a tight budget.
  • This product must be avoided by all diabetics as it may cause untowardly reactions.
  • Some users of this product have reported that it may cause the skin to dry.


Now that we have seen some of the best callus removers available for you to buy, you may be in abetter position to make your pick.

In my opinion, the Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File is the best option for mostpeople as it offers a great removal experience in both wet and dry conditions, runs on arechargeable battery and provides a couple of adjustable speed options. Though it may not be thecheapest of the lot, it certainly does offer a lot of value.

I hope this review guide will help you find the best callus remover to fight your calluses better. If you have any questions about these products, suggestions to make or experiences to share, always feel free to use my comments section.

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