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Hair clippers are a must have for any person who prefers to be well groomed every day of the week without having to visit a stylist repeatedly. They are powerful, portable machines that can transform the way a person looks and even feels.

In this buying guide, I will share some important information to help you know what to look for when buying a new clipper and then go over some of the best cordless hair clippers reviews.


​Top 5 Best Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews 2017- Comparision Chart

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Hair Clippers vs. Trimmers

Before discussing the best hair trimmers in the market, I would like to address one very big confusion that I’ve seen many people struggle with. Are trimmers the same as clippers? No, they are not.

While clippers are used to cut and style hair, a trimmer is usually used to create fine lines along the back of the neck, around the ears or even around the beard. Also, while hair clippers are usually supplied with variously sized guide combs whereas trimmers come with in-built settings.

Key Features to Judge Clippers

The market is flooded with hundreds of brands and models, each claiming to be the best clipper around. So, how do you actually judge for yourself whether a particular clipper is right for you or not? Read on to understand what makes a good cordless clipper good.


Best Price for Cordless Hair Clippers

While this is not really a feature, it is an important part of the decision-making process. If you are a beginner looking to invest in your first cordless clipper, it may make more sense to first buy a low-end or mid-end product to first perfect the art. Once you are comfortable cutting your own hair, you can then buy a more advanced clipper.


feel comfortable while holding the clipper

It is very important that you feel comfortable while holding the clipper. Can a painter paint a well detailed picture if he cannot handle the brush comfortably? The same concept applies to clippers as well.

To create hair styles with precision and detail, it is necessary that you are very comfortable handling your clipper. As a general rule of thumb, it may be advisable to skip clippers that are too heavy or are odd-shaped and sit poorly in the hand.


Blades Cordless Hair Clippers

You will find different clippers in the market sporting various kinds of blades including:

  • Stainless steel.
  • Carbon steel.
  • Ordinary steel.
  • Ceramic material.

While it may be best to avoid ordinary steel blades as they can decay quickly, carbon steel blades are usually the ones that last the longest and stay hard. But as a buyer, you also need to be aware of the quality of steel of the blades.

Guide Combs

Guide Combs Cordless Hair Clippers

All hair clippers come with a set of guide combs that determine the amount of hair left on the head after passing the clipper over the head. Each guide comb has a number mentioned over it. The higher the number, more the amount of hair that will be left behind. For instance, a no. 5 comb may leave behind 18 mm of hair while a no 2 comb may leave behind only 5 mm of hair.


Low quality motors can lead to over-heating of the clipper within few minutes. A reliable motor, on the other hand, will let you cut the thickest of hair smoothly while still running quietly and coolly. Low quality motors can also cause cordless clippers to lose charge very quickly.

Charging Time

You shouldn’t have to wait for two hours for a simple five minute cut. The quicker the cordless clipper charges, the better. However, another thing to ensure is that the battery does not drain out too quickly. This is especially important for those who travel frequently.


The best clippers come with a bounty of accessories that make hair styling much easier and more fun. Some of the common accessories you can expect to receive along with a good clipper include:

  • A barber comb.
  • Flat top comb.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Neck duster.
  • Cape and scissors.


A clipper is one such tool that men usually carry with them whenever and wherever they travel. Therefore, it would be good if the clipper you were buying came with a carry case that is light and easy to carry. A carry case becomes even more necessary when the clipper comes with several accessories.

A Few More Tips

  • If you are buying a cordless clipper only for cutting your child’s hair, you may want to go for a smaller and less powerful clipper. If you are going to be using it to cut down big, thick and curly hair, buy the most powerful clipper you can get your hands on.
  • Since you will be cutting your own hair, it will help greatly to set up a swing-arm mirror on a wall perpendicular to the stationary mirror so that you will be able to see the back and sides of your own head without having to constantly hold up a mirror.

The Best of the Best

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a clipper for yourself, let’s get down to business. Here are the top 5 best cordless hair clippers reviews available today.

Cordless Hair Clippers Philips Norelco

Via Amazon.com

This cordless clipper from reputed company Philips is designed keeping in mind a man who cuts and styles his own hair. This DIY clipper is also waterproof which makes it easier to clean and maintain.


  • This clipper features a 180-degree rotating head which may make it convenient to reach even the difficult spots on the head.
  • It comes with 13 in built settings from 15/32 inch to 19/32 inch which is good for people who switch hairstyles frequently.
  • The edges on the blades and comb are rounded so that skin irritation is kept to a minimum.
  • Blades are made from stainless steel and are self-sharpening.
  • The clipper comes with a lithium-ion battery that can give the clipper a life of 60 minutes upon full charge which also takes almost an hour


  • Users of this clipper have reported that the motor in this clipper may not be powerful enough to cut through thick, curly hair very easily.
  • This clipper comes with no hairstyling accessories that can help make your job easier.
  • There is no carry case of any sort provided along with the clipper which can cause inconvenience to people who travel often.

Wahl Professional Cordless Designer Clipper

Via Amazon.com

This cordless clipper is aimed at providing professional accuracy and detail.

It has a sleek and ergonomic design that makes it easier to handle and use even for longer periods of time.

Also, Wahl is a reputed brand when it comes to clippers and has been in operation for several decades now.


  • It includes a taper lever for easy handling and blending.
  • The clipper has a battery life of almost 90 minutes which can come in handy especially while traveling.
  • This clipper comes with several accessories – 8 attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, and a blade guard.
  • The charger that comes with the clipper has a voltage range of 110 to 240 volts, which is again a good feature for frequent travellers.
  • The motor in this clipper is one of the most powerful ones available in the market and should easily be able to cut through the thickest of hair smoothly.
  • The clipper is light weight which makes it easier to handle and use even at awkward angles while trying to reach the difficult parts of your head.


  • Novices may want to opt for a more affordable option to begin with.
  • It does not come with a travel or carry case of any sort.

Panasonic Wet/Dry Cordless Hair Clipper (ER-GS60-S)

Via Amazon.com

This cordless clipper not only lets you cut your hair but also trim your beard comfortably. It is manufactured by one of the most reputed electronics brand with worldwide presence. It also looks sleek and stylish.


  • It comes with ultra-sharp 45 degree blades which makes it easier to reach the toughest spots on the head or the face.
  • The blades are made from stainless steel which means they will last longer than blades made from ordinary steel.
  • This clipper has a wet/dry usability which means you can use it while standing near the sink or even under the shower.
  • 10 adjustable precision-trim settings are available on this clipper which may be helpful for men who keep changing hairstyles frequently.
  • The Panasonic clipper comes with a charge stand for east electric clipper storage.
  • Charger compatible with 110-240 volts which is good for people who travel often.


  • One hour of charge yields only 50 minutes of usage time – other trimmers on this list offer much more.
  • This clipper comes with no carry case or travel pouch for easy portability.

Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper #79600-2101

Via Amazon.com

This is the second product from Wahl featuring on this list which only speaks volumes about the company.

This clipper is intended for convenient and comfortable personal use by anyone no matter how experienced.


  • When fully charged, this clipper offers runtime of about 2 full hours.
  • If you are looking only for a quick cut, a 10-minute quick charge will get you about 12 minutes of use.
  • This clipper features a heavy-duty motor which provides 50% more power than standard Wahl motors for snag-free cutting.
  • It comes with multiple sized guide combs which is great for people who alter their hair length frequently.
  • It comes with a premium soft carry case which is good news for men who travel often.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty which should be an encouraging sign for novices looking to buy their first cordless clipper.
  • The clipper also comes with an adjustable taper lever for better handling and blending.
  • Despite its powerful motor and long battery life, it falls within a quite affordable range.


  • The charger only works at 120V American voltage and a portable step-down transformer may be required for use in other countries where voltage level is higher.

Braun Cruzer 5 Hair Clipper 1 Count

Via Amazon.com

This cordless clipper from Braun is also intended for convenient personal use. Braun is an established and trusted clipper manufacturer operating across several countries.


  • The clipper comes with StyleLock memory hair comb which features 8 different settings for various hair lengths.
  • This clipper features a dual-battery system that makes it easy to cut even long, thick hair.
  • The blades in this clipper are made from stainless steel which ensures high quality and longer life.
  • It is a fully washable waterproof clipper that comes with a fully sealed body which makes maintenance hassle-free and prevents dust entry.
  • The charger is compatible with a voltage range of 110-240 volts making it travel-friendly.
  • The clipper also comes with an LED charging indicator.
  • Accessories provided with this trimmer include a brush and oil.
  • The clipper is affordably priced making it a good option for novice users and first-time buyers.


  • No travel pouch or carry case is provided with this clipper which may cause portability issues, especially for frequent travellers.
  • A full charge only provides about 40 minutes of use time which is relatively low compared to other products featured in this list.


The market has many more cordless clippers to offer than those listed above. However, these five products have registered the best responses from users across the globe due to high quality and efficient functionality.

Judging from the best cordless hair clippers reviews above, the Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper may be the best choice for most kinds of users, whether novice or experienced. It offers good power, a great battery life and the travel pouch it comes with makes life easy for frequent travellers.

I hope this guide will help you make the right decision. If you have any questions to ask or suggestions to make, please feel free to use my comments section.

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