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A laser hair brush or comb is a device suitable for both men and women who wish to deal with the issue of hair loss. The brush helps to produce thick, shiny, and healthy hair with the emitted laser light providing energy to stimulate the cells of the hair follicles. With the follicles being stimulated, the hair grows out to be thicker and smoother while also growing faster than usual.

Compared to hair transplant procedures or administering prescription medicines, the best laser hair growth device is a far better treatment alternative for hair loss patients.


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How it Works

 laser hair growth device how it works


The laser hair comb is an expensive device that has been used in salons down the years but now also has a take-home hand unit to compete with. This is the cheapest means of dealing with the hair loss condition.

The exact process by which laser combs work is something that is still being investigated but the general understanding is that the low gentle beams act as a source of encouragement for the hair follicles to restart growth of new hair. It is far removed from the kind of technology used in hair removal devices where the laser beams are much stronger and encourage the hair cycle to reach a resting phase.

There is a temporary increase in the amount of hair being shed at the start, which confirms the theory that the follicles have shut down to aid in the growth of new hair. It is common for hair loss treatments to show shedding of hair when the treatment gets underway. After hair shedding is propagated by means of the laser comb, general improvements are witnessed to signal the phase of hair growth. To witness effective results, laser comb should be used regularly.

Typically, results start showing themselves after a couple of months and continues for around two years for the desired results to be visible. It gives an improved appearance of thinning hair, increases the thickness of hair, and makes the scalp healthier overall.

Benefits of Using a Laser Hair Comb or Brush

Benefits of Using a Laser Hair Comb or Brush


If you are losing hair, then a hair transplant surgery always stands out as the preferred option for promoting hair growth and giving the appearance of there being more amount of hair on your head.

However, when you take into account the fact that this hair is taken out from other parts of the body the procedure stops feeling ideal. It is expensive to sit through and there is a certain degree of downtime to go alongside as well.

A better option would be to use the best hair growth device three days a week for around half an hour every day to stimulate re-growth of follicles on the scalp. A difference in growth will be noticeable and the hair will also appear healthier upon regular use of a laser brush.

No Side Effects

Using a laser hair brush will not give rise to any side-effects. The laser used produce low levels of laser light which helps in keeping the target area cool. This avoids any kind of damage to the scalp but stimulates hair growth by increasing the cellular activity in the follicle. Also, there will not be any need to use harmful substances or chemicals on the scalp.

Add to the Therapy to Aid in Re-Growth

Add to the Therapy to Aid in Re-Growth


A scalp pore cleanser, non-buildup conditioner, non-sudsing shampoo, and amino acid replenisher are the only items that need to be added to the laser therapy. Shower water filters and vitamins specifically used to promote better hair health are also good options to aid in re-growth of the hair since none of these irritate or cause any harm to the existing follicles.

Comparatively Low Cost

 laser hair growth device have comparatively low cost

A hand-held laser brush is also far less expensive today than what it used to be. The overall investment will also be substantially low as opposed to scalp surgeries and hair transplants. Most of the recommended hair products and vitamins that act as a supplement for this system of hair re-growth should be taken or used anyway to help bring about a healthy body and hair.

Healthy, Shiny Hair

hair before and after use laser hair growth device

Not only does the laser hair brush promote hair growth but it also helps turn the hair strands healthier and thicker. There will be a noticeable difference in your hair after you have used a laser hair brush over a few months. The hair will also be shinier, helping you get rid of that ugly looking toupee, scarf, or hat that you had always so despised.

Easy Procedure

laser hair growth device easy procedure


It is easy to use and operate the laser hair brush with each session taking no longer than 15 to 20 minutes to get through. You need to do it either on alternate days or thrice a week if you wish to see the best results. Most of the latest devices in this range of products are cordless and run on rechargeable batteries. They are convenient to carry around when you are travelling and also a handy item your parents can use on the go.

Beware the Warning Note

 laser hair growth device beware the warning note


In an effort to combat their balding or loss of hair, greater number of people opting for purchase of the laser hair brush. A gadget that is easy to use, it will help bring out the best results for you in hair regeneration.

It is recommended that you make your purchase from an original manufacturer who will give you full guarantee of on the product being purchased while also making you aware of the hair care products and supplements that work best with the laser hair therapy device.

It is important that you do sufficient research before buying a laser hair comb so that you can purchase the product that works best for you.

Top 5 Best Laser Hair Growth Device Reviews 2017

Now that you know all about the benefits and how it works, I’ll give you my reviews for the best laser hair growth device products in the market today. You can now find the perfect device to help regenerate the hair strands and bring back the glorious waves on your head that you desire.

1. iRestore Laser Hair Growth System – FDA-cleared Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System reviews


Here is another hair restoration device that has been given the FDA clearance. The device is recognized for treating hair loss and thinning of hair in both men and women. It uses a clinical strength laser technology that helps to grow thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. You may use the device either as an individual technique or in conjunction with any other hair loss treatment procedure.

This laser-based hair restoration device allows you to enjoy fast growth of hair and you can see visible improvements in around 12 to 16 weeks. The product has been developed in GMP-certified facilities and is a durable and lightweight product. It is also comfortable to use and offers hands-free functionality which only adds to its convenience. You can use it from the comfort of your home.

Low-level laser therapy is backed by clinical studies as a technique that aids in promoting regrowth of hair. Experts suggest that this therapy can be used for enhancing the results obtained from other hair growth techniques.


  • Easy to use and convenient to carry around.
  • Enjoy hair restoration from the comforts of your home.
  • It has clearance from the FDA.
  • The hair restoration brought about by the use of this device is a pretty rapid one.


  • May not be suited for all hair types.
  • Could take longer for results to appear in some individuals.

2. Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12

Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12 Reviews


The Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12 is a medical device that you can use at home for helping to regenerate the strands of hair on your head. The product carries FDA-clearance and is a proven name in the clinical world as a treatment for hair loss conditions. It also helps to promote fresh growth of hair in both men and women.

It is said that this product works similar to how a flower uses sunlight for growth and obtaining nutrition. The Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12 boosts supply of blood to the hair which subsequently promotes growth in the existing live hair follicles.


  • FDA approved product: This is one of only three hair loss treatment products that carry the much-appreciated FDA approval.
  • Does not involve the use of drugs: The product does not involve the use of any chemicals and is also non-invasive. You also don’t need a prescription to buy the device.
  • One-time investment: The product lasts for close to 10 years and involves only a one-time investment, unlike other treatments where you will have to continue spending for as long as you are undergoing the procedure.
  • Spares you the embarrassment: When you are undergoing hair loss treatment at home, you are spared a lot of the social stigma and embarrassment. The product can be bought online, ensuring complete privacy for your purchase.
  • Works well with others: The laser comb works well both when used alone and in conjunction with any other hair loss treatment


  • Not ideal for use in conjunction with other products: Experts say that the best laser hair growth products should be those capable of treating on their own rather than relying with any other product for the perfect treatment.
  • Carries certain limitations: The efficiency of this product is limited to the early stages of hair loss and the result varies a great deal based on the user experience. A number of medical professionals have also reported their patients experiencing significant hair regrowth by using this laser comb alone.

3. iGrow Hands-Free Laser LED Light Therapy for Hair Regrowth Rejuvenation

iGrow Hands-Free Laser LED Light Therapy for Hair Regrowth Rejuvenation reviews


The iGrow is a system for hair growth that you can use at home. It has been subjected to the FDA 510 clearance and is known to help promote growth of hair in men and women alike. Clinical studies have shown that this gadget has been successful in increasing hair growth count in men by 35% and in females by 37% after being used for treatment over no longer than 16 weeks.

The principle used here to promote highly effective hair growth is low level light therapy which is also known as LLLT. This process helps to increase the cellular activity and also promotes the proliferation of thick, full, and healthy hair. Among its featured highlights are an iPod/MP3 interface and head phones. Overall this is a highly effective product that is convenient to use in promoting significant hair growth in individuals.

The iGrow has four adjustable fit columns with a distribution of rotating weight that brings optimum comfort over the course of treatment. The headphones can be extended and retracted to provide a custom fit to the head, and allow full coverage of the scalp. It is easy to use and does not involve any degree of manual movement.


  • Easy to use and can be operated from the comforts of your own home.
  • Promotes significant hair growth in men and women alike.
  • Based on the use of low-level light therapy which does not cause unwanted damage to the scalp.
  • Hands-free functionality gives users an additional degree of convenience.


  • Results may be subject to the user with some complaining of its ineffective outcomes.
  • LEDs are not strong enough to make any kind if difference.

4. Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

Theradome Hair Growth Helmet reviews


If you have been suffering from hair loss for a very long time and have been fed up with the limited hair restoration options at your disposal, you would want to turn your attention to the Theradome Hair Growth Helmet.

It has managed to reduce some of the costs of Laser phototherapy while giving users maximum benefits as the product is FDA approved. So now you can enjoy a hair rejuvenation surgery from the comforts of your own home.

The gadget stimulates your hair follicles at the cellular level to ensure adequate energy is absorbed and your hair gets rejuvenated, strengthened, and grows back to its original standards. Just as hair loss does not take place overnight, you will not find your hair growing back overnight as well.

Perform twenty minute sessions twice a week at home and it will not be long before you start to see a head full of healthy hair. If clinical trials are to be believed, you can reverse your hair loss condition with the use of this Theradome helmet.


  • Works effectively to boost growth of hair strands on the head.
  • Can be used individually or in conjunction with other hair loss treatment procedures as well.
  • Fast process that works better than simply taking hair loss medication.


  • It is FDA-cleared and not FDA-approved. The two accreditations do not mean the same thing.
  • Results may not be worthwhile considering the high costs of the product.

5. HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb

HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb reviews


The HairMax Advanced 7 LaserComb is the only FDA-approved medical device that can be used at home. It is a proven campaigner in terms of promoting growth of hair in both men and women. Clinical studies show that using this product can help reverse the thinning process and bring about an increase in the density of your existing strands of hair. It is also known to revitalize your damaged hair.

This laser comb works by delivering 12 individual laser therapy beams. It can be charged back to its full capacity by means of a charging cable included in the package. Less than 12 hours of charging is sufficient for allowing this device to work at its maximum capacity.


  • Device is designed so that you can use it for hair loss treatment at home.
  • Using this device is a quick and painless process.
  • It is perfectly safe to use and has an excellent design to boast.


  • It is fairly expensive.
  • Electrical pulses could lead to your hair getting dried up and this can be avoided when you use the device on damp hair.


While each of the laser hair combs offer appreciable performances in their own rights, choosing the best laser hair growth devices poses something of a major challenge. The iRestore and iGrow have clearance from the FDA and may be a good choice for those who wish to use the hair growth comb while on the go. The fact that they allow you to sync the device with your iPods and MP3 devices is a great option if you want to relax along with using this device. However, they do not offer much in terms of desirable results.

The Theradome is known to produce effective results and also offers the convenience of being a hands-free device. The low level light therapy used here is so planned to allow the best outcome while using this product. The fact that is a fairly expensive product works against it.

The products from HairMax are the only ones that enjoy FDA approval as laser hair growth options. These are the recommended names in the market and, though the cost is on the higher side, the outcome of using these devices offsets the high price.

I hope that my reviews for the best laser hair growth device have helped you find the best tool for regenerating your hair growth. If you have any comments, questions or experiences of your own to share, please feel free to leave me a comment in the comments section.

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