5 Scents to Help You Find the Best Perfume for Men that Last Long

Admitting that you want to smell good at any time of the day is not a bad thing. Odor is one of the natural parameters used by people to determine if the person they are talking to follows an awesome personal hygiene. The regular colognes or scented soaps cannot hold up well after a few hours, some people even still have an odor after bathing.

Though, a lot of people are in search for the best perfume for men that last long with the expectation that they will always be smell good.


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What is a perfume?

what is a perfume

It is a collective term given to a concoction of water, alcohol, oil, and different compounds that are light enough to float in the air when they evaporate. Fragrances are often categorized not by the numbers written on their price tags but by the concentration of perfume oils that they contain.

The most potent variety, the parfum, has no less than 25 percent of perfume oil and boasts of a staying power of at least 24 hours. It may be too much for individuals – almost intoxicating – that’s why many opt for eau de parfum and eau de toilette, which happen to be more accessible in the market.

The latter can have five to 15 percent of the aromatic compounds, so it can ideally endure several hours longer than a regular cologne or eau fraiche. The former, on the other hand, may consist of 10 to 20 percent of the concentrated oils that can last for up to eight hours.

What constitutes a noteworthy perfume?

#1. It Exudes Practicality and Affordability

how to find the best perfume for men that last long

Considering that you are a busy bee, we are quite sure that you will not be the type to waste your time and money for a particular product that is not readily there.

It is not even acceptable for some to import a fragrance as you need to pay for the shipping and wait for a few days.

This is why the best perfume for men that lasts long has to be available in various virtual and physical shops within the country.

#2. The Scent Leaves a Nice Impression

perfume have must the scent leaves a nice impression

In case there is a business deal you need to close or a woman you want to woo, the proposal will only get proper attention once the individuals you transact with decide that you look and smell presentable. It is important, therefore, to prove how hygienic you are by spritzing a fragrant liquid on your body before leaving the house.

A distinct characteristic of an awesome perfume is that it does not seem too overpowering and leaves a trail. Although it is a fact that no one likes to come near a person who smells like he has not bathed for days, the same thing can be said your scent is sufficient to cause dizziness.

#3. It Is Not an Irritant

perfume it is not an irritant

Since the fragrance will be in contact with the skin, the product that is worthy of your interest should not irritate your senses to the point that it becomes difficult for you to breathe and rashes begin to form.

The chemicals found in any perfume container are far from being instrumental agents of allergies, but the symptoms may appear if you have fragrance sensitivity or asthma.

The kinds that are safe to use for those who are diagnosed with such conditions consist of a slightly lower perfume oil content like eau de toilette and eau de parfum. They are not as strong as the normal parfum, yet they can still survive your daily activities for hours.

#4. The Perfume Has Been Known For a While

the perfume has been known for a while

Guys like to hear about the advantages of buying a fragrance from a certain brand from family members and friends as much as the girl next door. As a hard-working citizen, we understand that you definitely wish to spend on a scent that has been making men smell wonderful for years.

Taking note of the duration of the product’s availability is a way to prove if the amazing words that others can say regarding it have a basis. With the broad spectrum of perfume lines gracing the market these days, you may feel more confident to purchase the one that manufacturers keep on restocking than the new item that has just been launched not too long ago.

#5. It is Enclosed In a Great Packaging

the perfume enclosed in a great packaging

Imagine if you are told to choose between two fragrance sprays. The bottles look the same at first glance. While the left-hand option is simply covered with a bubble wrap, however, the right-hand one comes in a fancy box.

Of course, your brain may deduce that the former is a dupe due to the poor wrapper, and most of the time this hunch is correct. This is the reason why the packaging is among the factors that you should look at when in pursuit for the best perfume.

Remember that brands that are up to no good do not even try to present their goods well, but the elegance of the authentic scents is obvious even through its container.

The Selection for the Best Perfume for Men that Last Long

1. MONTBLANC Legend Eau de Toilette

MONTBLANC Legend Eau de Toilette

Via Amazon.com

If you are drawn to perfumes that suit the lifestyle of a contemporary man, then Montblanc’s Legend may be the best perfume for you. Olivier Pescheux created it with a concoction of a wide range of fruits, flowers, and other plants – a deed that sets it apart from the rest of the toilet waters.

We personally appreciate the layers of scents that the product has because they resemble the eclectic fashion. The elements do not belong to the same species, and yet the mixture of bergamot, pineapple leaf, and lavender when you open the lid simply smells remarkable. Having apple, oak moss, and rose as several of the core ingredients and getting the lingering odor of Tonka and sandalwood are not bad ideas as well.


  • The concept for the bottle did not just come out of nowhere since the brand shaped it after Meisterstuck pen, another classic creation of Montblanc.
  • The metallic top of the container shows a striking contrast with the black vessel.
  • Branding is minimal, which is a sign of elegance.
  • As there are a lot of components from the earth in the merchandise, it smells refreshing and not overwhelming.


  • The product is not much of a ‘legend’, as the name implies, as it has only been introduced in 2011.

2. LE MALE by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men 

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier for Men 4.2 Ounce Eau De Toilette Spray

Via Amazon.com

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male is an eau de toilette that was released in 1995. The best description that we can give about this product is that its scent may remind of the traditional barbershops that reek of aromatic aftershaves, pomades, and talcum powder.The fragrance is encapsulated in a bottle that has been crafted like a man’s torso. The color is very masculine, and the striped shirt resembles a sailor’s uniform.

The scent is classified as oriental- woody. Upon the initial spray, you will get a whiff of artemisia, mint, and bergamot, which are followed by orange blossom, cardamom, cumin, and lavender. For the base, it has vanilla and Tonka bean.


  • The brand visibly targets the macho men who appreciate the youthful, sweet, and spicy perfumes.
  • Although the packaging seems to be for mariners alone, you can wear the scent regardless of your profession.
  • Spritzing the product once is more than enough.


  • It is easy on the eyes and nose, but you cannot afford to be trigger-happy as the scent may overpower the people around you.
  • The perfume is meant for casual events only.

3. CALVIN KLEIN CK one Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein ck one Eau de Toilette

Via Amazon.com

One of the fragrances that remains popular all over the planet even after 23 years since the time of writing this article is CK One by Calvin Klein. The spicy, citrusy, and crisp scents of various ingredients such as nutmeg, lemon, oak moss, amber, mandarin, and cardamom complement each other.

It is what we can call a revolutionary product since it was among the perfumes – if not the only perfume – that was for both men and women when it first came out. The CK One, therefore, is for you in case you like to prove your affection towards a special lady by sharing it with her.


  • This item surpassed the expectation of many that it became part of the FiFi Fragrance Hall of Fame in 2010.
  • Calvin Klein confined the liquid in a semi-transparent glass and topped with silver-plated cap and nozzle to perhaps further demonstrate how gender-unbiased it is.
  • The overall odor seems balanced, thanks to the varying number of elements it has.
  • It is not offensive at all, so you do not have to turn to a different perfume if you need to go shopping or attend a formal party.
  • This fragrance is quite exceptional – a signature CK smell – that others’ first impression of you may immediately become positive before you even speak.


  • The middle-aged guys may find the smell more appropriate to the younger crowd due to the citruses.

4. BOUCHERON Pour Homme Eau de Parfum, Woody Citrus

BOUCHERON Pour Homme Eau de Parfum

Via Amazon.com

The Boucheron Pour Homme exemplifies a merchandise that has been in the circulation for a significant amount of time. It was announced to the public in 1989 and became popular with the male crowd in the early 90s as it did not possess much of the floral scents that perfumes for women have.

In the first few seconds since spraying the fragrance, you may get a hint of verbena and bergamot. After some time, notes of basil and coriander may become apparent. Its base scents include sandalwood and patchouli.


  • The clear vessel lets you see the volume of liquid left in it.
  • The bluish top of the cap look so sophisticated against the gold-plated edge.
  • Because it comes with a spray nozzle, you can disperse a tiny portion of the liquid in a single squeeze so that the 100-mL fragrance will not be misused.
  • The mixture of earthy and citrusy ingredients in the perfume makes it a fantastic product for men who are in their 20s and above.
  • The scent radiates class and comfort; that’s why you may wear it for formal functions or casual gatherings.
  • A couple of spritz on your pulse points are enough to last a whole day.


  • It may smell too spicy for some people.

5. LACOSTE Essential Sport Eau de Toilette for Men

Lacoste Essential Sport Eau de Toilette for Men

Via Amazon.com

Just in case you like polo shirts and belts with the Crocodile insignia, you may also admire the fact that Lacoste has an eau de toilette that may fit your athletic way of living. Known as the Essential Sport, the oriental spicy perfume has been offered to the public from 2009 up to the present.

When you look at the bottle and the box that it comes into, the first thing you may think of is the blue ocean. And since the liquid only has a tinge of this color, it looks infinite in the glass container.


  • This scent can match your adventurous side and may even encourage you to strive to gain more freedom.
  • Its vessel still has the crocodile, but it is only a colorless outline of the amphibian to probably evoke their modernistic views.
  • The right blend of grapefruit, green splash accord, and geranium may provide you a better opportunity to attract the opposite sex as it does not come off too strong.
  • The fragrance smells refreshing, so it will not feel inappropriate to spray it on at any time of the day.


  • The product is only perfect for one season: summer.

The Judgment

With all these ideas accounted for, the best perfume for men that last long is Pour Homme by Boucheron. Every aspect of it suits the characteristics that we have mentioned earlier about a noteworthy fragrance.

You can admit that it has endured the test of time as the merchandise has been in the mainstream since 1989, and its packaging seems neat with minimal lettering. The woody citrus scent definitely leaves a mark as well, and you can purchase it at major department and online stores.

All the same, we would love to know the best perfume in your opinion. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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