How To Choose The Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine For Any Skin Type: All You Need To Know

Retaining a tight, youthful skin nowadays has not only become a lifestyle between the adults and the millennial alike. This has since elevated to an obligation for most as our hectic and often demanding lives have gone especially active that our skin is almost forgotten and as a result, we get to look a little older and spent.

And as if in its rightful cue, science and technology has jumped in and saved the world. One of its latest iterations is the introduction of radiofrequency skin tightening devices. If you’re looking for the best radio frequency skin tightening machine, consider this article as my gift for you.


Also, I’m dedicating this entire discussion to those who have just joined the bandwagon and are next to clueless in terms of how a radiofrequency treatment works, what its advantages and drawbacks are, and how to know whether these devices will work for you.

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How Does a Radio Frequency Treatment Work?

how does a radio frequency treatment work

Right at this very section, it’s about time that I reveal that radiofrequency treatment is categorized under a non-surgical procedure. This non-invasive regimen should work if you’re planning to reshape your body and your face underneath the superficial layer of your skin. The method utilizes top-of-the-line equipment that are specially designed to aid men and women’s most common skin struggles that range from wrinkles, cellulite to excess fatty tissues and saggy skin.

The procedure uses radiofrequency waves which are essentially heat energy that is meant to remodel your tissue and produce new collagen and elastin fibers. The resulting heat from a radiofrequency treatment works heavily on your skin’s deepest layer or the dermis. On the other hand, the sequence that follows shouldn’t affect your epidermis, the upper layers of your skin.

Subsequently, a heat is stimulated which should aid the contraction of your skin’s underlying tissues. Now, the soft tissues that are found within that region are then compressed, realigned and are assigned with new collagen. This process usually takes a few months before it gets that kind of result. With a new collagen now in tow, the radiofrequency waves should now help in sculpting and tightening these tissues, giving you a younger, more elastic surface.

Benefits of a Radio Frequency Treatment

benefits of a radio frequency treatment

Apart from tightening your skin, a radiofrequency treatment is also known for its other benefits. Some of them include:

#1. It helps women remove cellulites

The heat that emanates from a radiofrequency treatment device is believed to alleviate the bulging of excess fatty tissues.

#2. It reduces body fats

The radiofrequency treatment is also known for largely addressing the issue of excessive body fats among men and women. The heat mechanism that is generated by the treatment should melt your body fats which will then be drained. More triumphantly, the use of a radiofrequency skin tightening device will provide you a result that can either be at par or equal to that of eliminating body fats during a surgery.

#3. It tightens your skin

Probably its most beneficial feature, the radiofrequency treatment is very much famed for tightening the saggy parts of your skin. With it, the deep-seated, soft tissues under your skin are stimulated and are healed by means of the new collagen that was produced.

#4. It smoothens Liposuction’s post-operation bulges and bumps

Not all liposuctions procedures end up smoothly. Oftentimes, noticeable bumps and bulges appear where body fats are removed surgically. With the aid of radiofrequency treatment, these can be smoothened in no time.

#5. It helps in reshaping our body

Your radiofrequency treatment sessions should also facilitate in reshaping your body. Unlike surgery, this type of treatment utilizes a technology that operates beneath the surface of your skin while not touching your skin’s superficial layers.

Drawbacks of A Radio Frequency Treatment

drawbacks of a radio frequency treatment

#1. Just like most treatments, the radio frequency procedure also has side effects

These include the redness on your skin, mild swelling, oversensitivity on the treated area and sinking. Some people who’ve undergone the treatment also reported blistering and bruising. On the other hand, most experts and dermatologists would suggest on their clients on the non-usage of topical solutions before the treatment in order to alleviate the chances of these side effects.

Meanwhile, this treatment is also noted for some of its serious side effects. These comprise of burns, permanent scarring, skin pigmentation, open sores, along with deeper skin fat loss and infections.

#2. Radiation

By default, radio frequency treatment emits radiation. If you’re oversensitive with radiation, duly consult this type of treatment with your physician first.

How To Verify if Radio Frequency Treatment is Right for You?

how to verify if radio frequency treatment is right for you

If you’re new to radiofrequency treatment, I’d highly suggest that you consult this first with your dermatologist. This is the safest thing that you can do for you and your skin. Most reputable clinics would subject your skin initially on tests to determine whether your skin is viable for such a treatment. Meanwhile, shady clinics would allow you to jump right into the procedure just to take your hard-earned cash. Beware of these clinics!

Top 5 Best Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machines Reviews on The Market 2017

1. 6 In 1 Radio Frequency Fat Removal Cellulite Reduce Body Shaping And RF Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine

6 In 1 Radio Frequency Fat Removal Cellulite Reduce Body Shaping And RF Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Machine


With just an aid of a correct positioning of treatment pads , this easy-to-operate product boasts of passive treatments and a fast healing time. Moreover, it treats all skin types and should work on vital body parts such as neck, breasts, back, knees, hips, thighs, bottom and arms.

The product also comes with 40K cavitation head which features powerful shock waves to deal with your excess fats. It is equipped with a vacuum bipolar RF head that works to dissolve your fat, lymphatic drainage and enhances your skin elasticity.


  • Selectively targets your fatty tissues.
  • Painless treatment.
  • Sextupole body RF and Quadrupole RF head.
  • Tripolar facial handle.
  • 8 Lipo paddles.


  • Problematic vacuum handle.
  • Used materials may be problematic for some.

2. Gizmo Supply Portable 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

Gizmo Supply Portable 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine


Equipped with probably the most advanced RF technology and radio frequency in the market, the product should reach your deep fat tissues directly. It also has its controlled depth technology, the product’s embedded diamond particles of various sizes that can rub your skin along its pattern. Meanwhile, the suction strength can be adjusted through its vacuum draw.

Along with a rub that utilizes a negative pressure and a strong force, your thick fats are abound to dissipate. The instrument also consists of 40K cavitation head, a vacuum and a bipolar RF head.


  • It comes with the top ultrasonic technique in the market.
  • No reported side effects.
  • Low cost investment and quick high returns.
  • Pain-free treatment.
  • Colored touch screen.


  • Complicated user manual.

3. Angel Kiss Dot Matrix RF Infrared System For Face Effect Skin Tighten Lifting Anti-Aging Wrinkle Removal Skin Rejuvenation Tightening Beauty Device

Angel Kiss Dot Matrix RF Infrared System for Face Effect Skin Tighten Lifting Anti-aging Wrinkle Removal Skin Rejuvenation Tightening Beauty Device


Comprising of 18 big matrix dots to conduct the product’s RF energy, this instrument is packed with numerous benefits that range from face lifting, skin elasticity restoration, to anti-aging and skin texture improvement. And with only 3-4 hours charging duration, this is suitable for those who like a compact, easy-to-carry-around product that serves on time.

Plus, there is no need for you to replace the treatments heads regularly as the product doesn’t feature consumables (and that’s not a bad thing at all!). Meanwhile, the product is evidently non-invasive, non-damaging and is pain-free as well. Just ensure that you follow the instructions religiously.


  • 18 big matrix dots for RF energy conduction.
  • 6 invisible infrared lights that improve lifting results.
  • Includes a low, medium and high energy to accommodate different skin types.
  • Can work 45-90 minutes when fully charged.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • None

4. Au Fait Skin Care Galvanic High Frequency RF LED Light Therapy Anti-Aging Facial Skin Tightening Beauty Device

Au Fait Skin Care Galvanic High Frequency RF LED Light Therapy Anti-Aging Facial Skin Tightening Beauty Device


Probably its most distinctive feature is the Mesoporation that allows to get your skin serum up to 6 times deeper into the skin. In addition, the instrument is equipped to provide you a tingling, pulsating stimulation that is developed to activate your deep tissue cells.

On top of Mesoporation, the Au Fait Skin Care device also operatives on other core concepts of skin care such as Galvanic Electrical Tissue Stimulation, Electroporation, Radio Frequency, and Light-Emitting Diode.


  • Includes “Mesoporation” that gets skin serum up to 6 times deeper into the skin.
  • Has a functionality that activate deep tissue cells.
  • Boasts of 5 application in a single device.
  • Also comprises of applications that are derived from concepts such as LED, RF and Electroporation.
  • Operates under the concept of Galvanic Electrical Tissue Stimulation.


  • No educational video included.
  • Stress levels may get affected.

5. TriPollar Stop & Pose: Anti-Aging RF Treatment Machine For Face, Neck Firming

TriPollar Stop & Pose: Anti-Aging RF Treatment Machine For Face, Neck Firming


Specifically targeting your stomach and face wrinkles, this instrument features two devices: The POSE and the STOP. The latter is equipped with its proven, professional TriPollar 3rd generation Radio Frequency technology that allows you to see visible results after just a single session. Ultimately, this device should aid you in attaining a visibly firmer, more toned body.

Meanwhile, the STOP device is armed with mechanisms that aid on lessening your wrinkles and tightening of your skin. On the other hand, both devices are designed to heat your body’s collagen fibers which should give you a healing and regenerative effect.


  • Features one TriPollar STOP device and one TriPollar POSE device.
  • Each device comes with its own gel.
  • Provides stomach skin tightening treatments and a mechanism on face wrinkle removal.
  • Comes with TriPollar 3rd Generation Radio Frequency Technology.
  • Both devices can heat your connective tissues or collagen fibers.


  • Cord connection is not that secure.


The Angel Kiss Dot Matrix RF Infrared System For Face Effect Skin Tighten Lifting Anti-Aging Wrinkle Removal Skin Rejuvenation Tightening Beauty Device is clearly a stand-out among the five entries.

While most of them function as they should be, this instrument outpaces them as it offers low, medium and high energy options that can accommodate different skin types. And as for its distinctive, compact and lightweight design, this product is trumping them all.

Do you think this product is the best out there? If not, sound your experience with the best radiofrequency skin tightening device on the comment section below.

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