The Best Red Light Therapy Devices – 2017 (#5 Benefit Will Make You Happy)

We are now in a world where skin care and appearances equate to a better status and a healthier lifestyle. And so, we’re obligated to take extra steps and cautions to achieve this. Along with that hope, our modern society teaches us that you don’t need to experience pain or an invasive surgery if you want to look fresh and younger-looking. This mantra is now achievable when you try the red light therapy.

In this discussion, we’ll attempt to know what surrounds the popularity of this therapy and right before we conclude, we’ll disclose the best red light therapy devices that are out now!


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The Mechanism Behind Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a process in which it involves the low-power red light wavelengths that are emitted directly onto our skin. It does not inflict pain and cannot be really felt as it doesn’t produce any heat. Meanwhile, the red light that is emitted can be absorbed into the skin of about 8 millimeters. This depth is sufficient enough to provide beneficial effects on our body’s cellular energy and nervous system. The metabolic provisions are also part of this inclusion.

If you are nursing symptoms of joint pain or even osteoarthritis that is induced by aging, you can consider red light therapy as an alternative for treatment. It is also believed that this therapy can alleviate hair loss, wounds or incisions, acne, wrinkles, and skin discoloration along with chronic muscular pain, and even neurological damage.

On top of this wide range of treatments, red light therapy has virtually no known negative side effects.

Here’s a video that shows how red light is healing pain and inflammation.

The Red Light Wavelengths are Also Known to Provide These Benefits to Our Body

  • They stimulate and beef up our energy levels using the release of ATP.
  • They stimulate the synthesis of DNA/RNA.
  • They activate our lymphatic system which is an important part of our immune system.
  • They form new set of capillaries.
  • They improve the natural production of collagen and fibroblasts which are needed to boost the processes of our skin, joint, and digestive health.
  • They repair and restore damaged soft connective tissues.
  • They activate or lessen inflammation that also controls our natural healing abilities.
  • They lower effects of oxidative stress or the free radical damage. These are associated with the numerous effects of aging.

What Can Red Light Therapy Provide In Terms of Skin Care?

Red light therapy is very much known for its wide range of benefits, foremost of which cater to our skin care. Here are its known provisions:

  • It aids in making your wrinkles and dark spots lessened.
  • It reduces the inflammation that is induced by acne.
  • It also helps in treating psoriasis and rosacea.
  • It heals wounds after post-surgery.
  • It helps to reverse the effects of hair loss that are caused by some conditions.

5 General Benefits of Red Light Therapy To Our Well-Being

If you’re scouting for a therapy that not only benefits your skin but your overall health as well, red light therapy might just be the one you’re looking for. The benefits below are backed by research and science:

#1. Red Light Therapy Increases Immunity & Reduces Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment

benefits of red light therapy

In a research that was conducted by NASA along with University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital, it was revealed that the technology that is utilized by red light therapy has successfully alleviated symptoms that were experienced by cancer patients. These symptoms include the excruciating side effects that were brought about by radiation or chemotherapy.

Through red or near-infrared light-emitting diode devices, it’s been noted that the long wavelength energy is released through photons which trigger cells for healing.

#2. Red Light Therapy Provides Wound Healing & Tissue Repair

Accordingly, light that is set within the spectral range of 600 to 1,300 nanometers can promote wound healing along with tissue repair and skin rejuvenation. However, in red light therapy, it directly stimulates the regenerative processes on our skin by means of an increased cellular proliferation. In other words, it bypasses the initial, risky step that is done by most laser therapies that are employed in most dermatology offices.

These firms usually make use of an intense pulsed light to promote skin rejuvenation which can be done by effecting a secondary tissue repair. As such, this causes an “intentional damage to your epidermis or the dermis of the skin just to trigger inflammation which is then followed by healing.

#3. Red Light Therapy Stimulates Anti-Aging Boon For Skin & Hair Loss

If you want to lessen wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, then the red light therapy may be your alternative to address this. In a 2014 study that was published in Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, the therapy was proven to give both a safe and efficient way to provide rejuvenation on the skin and an increase on intradermal collagen.

The respondents in the research noted a better complexion of the skin, skin tone, a reduction on our skin’s roughness, wrinkles, and fine lines. On the other hand, an increase of collagen density was also highlighted.

#4. Red Light Therapy Improves Joint & Musculoskeletal Health

As red light therapy triggers collagen production and cartilage rebuilding, it is now being used for treatment on arthritis symptoms. In a 2009 Cochrane review of the therapy for rheumatoid arthritis, it stated that it could be considered for a short-term treatment for pain relief along with morning stiffness for patients who struggled with this condition. It was revealed too that it had fewer led light therapy dangers and side effects.

Meanwhile, red light therapy is also being used to treat other signs of tissue damage or degeneration that is induced by aging. As such, the therapy alleviates the pain immediately after treatment on acute and chronic neck pain although the latter had to wait for 22 weeks to completing the treatment.

#5. Red Light Therapy Reduces Depression & Fatigue

As per the Traditional Chinese Medicine, red light therapy is akin to acupuncture’s wonder when it comes to providing benefits to our body. The belief dictates that the light that is emitted has the power to stimulate specific meridian points and chakra zones in our body.

Also, red light is proven to energize us and is associated with improving our moods. It increases our confidence, laughter, social awareness, conversational skills, and sensory stimulation. Ultimately, the therapy is noted for its mental, psychological, and emotional offerings other than its perks on the physical aspect.

Top 5 Best Red Light Therapy Devices In The Market 2017!

1. Pain Relief Therapy TENDLITE

Pain Relief Therapy TENDLITE


The world’s #1 Red Light Therapy device is currently being used by most sufferers of shoulder, knee, elbow, hands, and fibromyalgia. It’s also the go-to device of users who struggle from inflammation-related ailments. It is FDA-cleared and has a safe LED therapeutic red light that is noted for its ability to provide and support faster and stronger healing through photo-activation.

Meanwhile, our first entry features the proprietary TenDlite which uses a topnotch technology that is used on pro-athletes by doctors and physical therapists. It can successfully treat the injury with just a fraction of the usual cost. You can now bid adieu to the pricier and sticky electrode pads with this alternative.


  • Ideal for home use; can be self-administered and used without the need for a prescription.
  • Painless, easy, and safe.
  • Fast application.
  • Can be used for pets.
  • Includes triple actions: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, repair & regeneration.


  • A bit too expensive.
  • Too small for some.

2. Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp

Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp reviews


Developed to deliver infrared heat to our body, the Beurer Infrared Heat Lamp can also be used for relieving colds, tension and muscle ache. Meanwhile, the heat that is emitted by the infrared lamp is believed to improve your body’s blood flow and circulation depending on the target area. As a result, it encourages muscles and damaged tissues to convalesce.

In addition, the infrared heat lamp is able to support the treatment of bronchial congestion while it decreases the inflammation, along with the swelling, and the clearing of mucous clogged passages. Some of its features include an adjustable two side handles, a larger digital timer, a ceramic glass material, and a 300W bulb.


  • Suitable for relieving colds, tension, and muscle ache.
  • Can improve blood flow and circulation.
  • Adjustable two-side handles.
  • Larger digital timer.
  • Made of ceramic glass.
  • 300W bulb.


  • No instructions included.
  • Costs $44 to replace a $2 bulb.

3. reVive Light Therapy DPL II Full-Face Wrinkle Reduction LED Light Therapy Panel

reVive Light Therapy DPL II Full-Face Wrinkle Reduction LED Light Therapy Panel


Our third contender can be hailed as your all-time favorite in terms of defying those aging signs on your skin. It features an all-black panel system that is ideal for anti-aging. It can also reverse your wrinkles and fine lines while enhancing your skin tone and texture. All of its capabilities are clinically tested and medically proven.

It includes newer LED Lights and can be easily situated in front of your face for optimal results. Meanwhile, the product also works for placing it anywhere on your body that experiences pain. It is noted that the accompanying 96 infrared lights can penetrate much deeper than that of the red lights, helping your body to heal itself gradually.


  • Suitable for defying aging.
  • Reverses wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Features an all-black panel system.
  • Clinically tested and medically-proven.
  • Comes with 96 infrared lights that penetrate deeper to heal your body


  • Too expensive.
  • Quite uncomfortable to use at it does not sit on the stand.

4. Angel Kiss LED Photon Therapy

Angel Kiss LED Photon Therapy reviews


Only ideal for facial uses, the Angel Kiss LED Photon Therapy device features a red, blue, and green light treatment. Each of which provides separate functions and benefits that culminate in effectively beautifying and restoring your skin’s youthfulness. The device can also be ideal if you’re looking for ways to improve your skin’s elasticity and pore minimization. It has the ability to inhibit the formation of your skin’s melanin pigment while it does its job in accelerating your body’s blood circulation.

The product includes one LED beauty mask, a 110v-240v adapter, a control unit, a bandage and an accompanying English manual.


  • Features red, blue, and green light emissions.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Boosts collagen and tightens skin.
  • Inhibits the formation of melanin pigment.
  • Ideal for facial regimen.


  • Not ideal for other body parts.
  • A bit heavy that renders it uncomfortable for some to use.

5. LightStim for Pain

LightStim For Pain reviews

LightStim For Pain is specially developed to temporarily relieve your arthritic pain and a variety of minor aches and pains. Moreover, the FDA-cleared device can relax your muscles while it beefs up your blood circulation. You can also use the instrument for your post-workout soreness, accidents, sports injuries, backaches, arthritis, along with the healing of your cuts, abrasions, and bruises.

The instrument is also non-invasive and does not contain chemicals. On top of that, over 200 medical and university studies have revealed that the product does not have negative side effects. Currently, the device is getting good recommendations from doctors and healthcare professionals globally for over a decade.


  • FDA-cleared.
  • Increases blood-circulation.
  • Ideal for post-workout soreness, accidents, and other injuries that are induced by sports.
  • Recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals.
  • Suitable for post-operation’s swelling and redness.


  • A bit too pricey.


As our entries are varying in terms of its uses and recommendations, choosing a standout among them should not be warranted. As such, the contenders I’ve outlined are categorically the winners in each of their segments. There’s no doubt that each of them should meet your needs, whether your goals are cosmetically-inclined or you’re wanting to free yourself from a certain kind of pain.

If you want to share your experience on using your very first or your favorite red light therapy device, please feel free to sound them in the comment section below.

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