What is the Best Safety Razors for Beginners? All You Need to Know Before the Shave

Every man will always transcend from using disposable razors to either safety razors or electric razors. Between the two routes, the safety razor route is more popular among beginners so let’s put that into the spotlight through this article by providing you the starter’s guide to the best safety razors for beginners.


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What is a Safety Razor?

what is a safety razor

It is a type of razor that uses a single double-edged blade which you can use for shaving. The term “safety” is derived from the protective middle part of the shave (in between the two sharp sides), that prevent further skin-to-blade contact. This part is often called “safety bar” or “guard”.

Types of Safety Razors

Everyone was a beginner at one point in time, so don’t worry if you are still clueless about various types of safety razors. It will not take time before you become a master the art of shaving yourself. For now, let us talk about the basics.

#1. Straight bar/Closed Comb Razor

Closed Comb Rosegold Handle Safety Razor

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This is the most common double-edged razor design. It means that the “safety bar” (protective shield between the skin and the blade that serves to take away pressure from the blade) is straight and of the same length as the blade.

​#2. Open Comb Razor

Open Comb Razor

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The name is derived from the safety bar that reminds you of a comb. Instead of a straight safety bar, the there are spaces that resemble teeth of a comb. It is designed that way in order to apply more pressure to the edge of the blade, thus, making it more aggressive. Open comb design is perfect for thick and coarse hair.

#3. ​Slant Bar Razor

 ​Slant Bar Razor

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This is a type of a headpiece design where the safety bar is tilted around 10°-20° angle. This is to cut hairs in a slant position as oppose to the usual straight chopping. This (again) will add aggressiveness since the slant design makes cutting or shaving off beards a little easier and more effectively.

#4. ​Adjustable Razor

Adjustable Razor

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This type of razor, “adjusts” to your shaving needs. This is because you can change or adjust the level of aggressiveness of the razor by increasing or decreasing the pressure between the safety bar and the blade, thus, altering the force that is being applied by the blade to your skin. Adjustments are usually done by twisting the handle.

​What to Look For?

Now that you are already acquainted with the different type of razors, it’s now about finding the right fit for beginners like you. You need to find something that is easy to use, so that you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

  • Don’t buy something that is too aggressive. This will destroy your first impression about using safety razors. Start from something mild (or moderate if you have REALLY thick beard).
  • There are two types of handle-long or short. You can try holding and comparing the two and decide which is more convenient for you to use. Tip: a short grip will enable you to easily control the pressure so it is more advisable for beginners.
  • It is true that the open comb razor offers a closer shave, but it also exposes your skin to cuts and burns. If you are not yet used to the entire thing, it is highly recommended to start first with the straight bar or closed comb razor.
  • Adjustable razors can be of great benefit for men with thick beard since you can start practicing with a less aggressive mode and adjusting it to be more aggressive as you get familiar with the safety razor’s mechanism. Using this type of razor, you can also figure out the level of aggressiveness that is best for you.
  • Don’t overlook the blade. Like the level of aggressiveness of the razor itself, a forgiving blade is also best for beginners. Go for something that is sharp enough to easily cut through hair, but not so much that it can easily cut your skin-ouch! A coated blade that easily glide is also perfect.
  • Searching for advice? Yes, you can search different forums if you want to, but if you are not really that familiar with all the shaving terminologies and stuff, you might end up getting more confused. Start with informative articles such as the one you are reading, then move your way to the forums for added info.
  • Always invest in quality of the product. Seriously, if you are just starting with wet-shaving or safety razors, you must keep it mind that the experience you’ll get is highly dependent on the quality of the product you’re going to use.

Still Clueless About the Best Safety Razor for Beginners?

We got you covered. To further help you out with your journey to wet-shaving/safety razors, we decided to include our top recommendations for you. Having the right information and review about the product will surely make your shaving experience a blast!

1. Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Via Amazon.com

The size of the head of this razors make it easy to find refills/replacements. The classic closed comb head resembles just your traditional razor, except that this one has a solid built and a highly polished chrome.

The classic and elegant appearance of this razor is matched by equally beautiful handle design which comes in the following variations-Ebony, Ivory, Chrome, and Lined Chrome.These gorgeous designs are matched by its premium cutting edge that guarantees a clean close shave.


  • Elegant and good looking- it’s shiny and polished to the finest.
  • The accents are also very detailed.The balance and weight is perfect for beginners and wet shavers alike.
  • It feels great on your skin.
  • It is sharp but not too aggressive that would cause bumps, nicks and burns.
  • Gives a smooth close shave finish.


  • Although with solid built, man reported against the longevity of the product.
  • Men with thick and coarse hair who are used to more aggressive razor, find this one too mild.
  • Others find this weight too light as compared to heavyweight razor mentioned above.

Why you should get it: It’s a reliable and beautiful razor made in the US! If this is your first safety razor, then your first safety razor experience will surely turnout superb.

2. Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor (Blade Included)

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor (Blade Included)

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This brand doesn’t even need advertising. This German made razor is definitely lit and is the most-recommended razor for all season. The quality is just like no other. The zinc alloy plated with polished chromium makes it classy, premium and heavyweight.

The fit and finish of this razor is definitely sleek and elegant. Despite not being stainless, this product is known to last for ages, and is the reason why people highly recommend it to their friends and families.


  • It’s hard to beat the quality of the shave from Merkur. It’s close and nice. Everyone seems to agree.
  • The handle is just right. It gives you more control and balance this way-perfect for beginners who don’t prioritize precision.
  • With german built engineering on the label, there is no question about the quality of the product.
  • It prevents and minimizes cuts, nicks and burns.
  • A nice close shave with smooth finish.


  • Some pros and gurus still find this one too mild.
  • Not very effective against thick and coarse beards.
  • The chrome chips and flakes over time

Why you should get it: It is a premium made razor yet affordable than most other brands with the same functionality, built and design.

3. Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor

Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor

Via Amazon.com

When it comes to most popular and favorite razor brand, it is impossible not to hear the name Feather. The butterfly opening of this double-edge razor is very innovative and one of its first t actually address the inconvenience of replacing blades.

This razor combines affordability and durability in one. The handle is even made for easy grip and hold. The butterfly mechanism does not only makes it easy and convenient to load and unload blades, but makes it very easy to clean and maintain as well.


  • Very affordable and practical.
  • The mechanism is simple, easy and smart.
  • It is surprisingly made of good quality and the longevity is superb.
  • It is lightweight and the extra length add a nice touch to its balance.
  • A well-made and very forgiving razor and razor blade-perfect for beginners and those with sensitive skin.


  • Some people find a razor made of plastic, poorly-made and cheap.
  • Cleaning with the butterfly mechanism is not as convenient as advertised.
  • You need to open the butterfly every now and then, in the middle of your shaving routine to remove stuck hair.
  • Too mild for a close shave

Why you should get it: If you want a mild experience without getting broke, this innovaytive razor is a good way to start with.

4. Parker 24C -Three Piece OPEN COMB Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 24C -Three Piece OPEN COMB Double Edge Safety Razor


Another product from the well-known Parker line of high quality razors that we love. This Open comb razor from parker promises the closest shave possible. Similar to our previous item on the list, this one is also heavyweight which makes it easy to glide over your face.

Unlike Parker 45R, this model’s design is basic and plain stainless steel with all the solid and premium feel. It is made of solid brass and the stainless silver finish screams basic yet premium quality.


  • Three Piece design makes it very easy to clean and ensures blade alignment.
  • The open comb design stretches your skin and adds more pressure to the blade, which promises a very nice close shave.
  • Despite being labeled as “aggressive”, it is still highly recommended for beginners since it is engineered to give you smooth finish without nicks, cuts and burns.
  • It has a premium built with the right length and good balance. .


  • The head of the razor is quite big and heavy, so the head can fall out of the razor in the long run if not treated carefully.
  • Despite safety features, some men still find this too aggressive.
  • Like Parker 45R, you will experience a learning curve or adjustment phase to be able to shift to its weight.

Why you should get it: It is made up of high-quality design and is very easy to adjust to its weight. The price is also good, given its quality.

5. Parker 45R Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker 45R Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor

Via Amazon.com

Coming from the brand widely used by professional barbers, expect nothing but good quality from this safety razor. It is made up of solid brass that adds to its premium quality and longevity. This solidness actually adds to that comfortable weight which makes it easier to slide the razor all over your face.

This razor is a three-piece design, straight/ closed comb razor that ensures a close shave. The length is also perfect for beginners which offers convenience and balance.


  • Great aesthetics. It’s hard not to be impressed just by the looks and feel of it.
  • The blades sit perfectly and the heavy/solid material allows you to conveniently use it.
  • It is aggressive, so shaving is made easier and faster.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Nice, sharp blades.
  • Refills are affordable.


  • You need a little time to adjust to the weight if you are used to using regular, light and plastic razors.
  • The fake wood erap can be easily torn away.
  • It can be too aggressive for beginners. Doing it without proper experience might result to cuts, nicks and burns.

Why you should get it: It looks very beautiful and it’s heavyweight compared to other razors. Aesthetics is good, but the ultimate deal with this product is a nice, close and clean shave.


the best safety razors for beginners

Honestly, I love all the selection here so choosing one is a bit tough. If we are talking about a mild yet reliable safety razor for beginners, then you’re better off with the Merkur Heavy Duty Safety Razor. It is not very aggressive to your skin, but does the job really well. The quality is also outstanding, given the price.

If you have your own shaving experience to share, feel free to comment down below. I am waiting for your response and am also very excited to read about other product recommendations that you may have.

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