The Best Tattoo Kits In The Market Now (#1 Will Make Your Clients Happy!)

Tattoo kits are not only made to cater the needs of those who are already seasoned in this venture or those who already own tattoo shops. They also accommodate those who are essential “beginners” in this aspect. But when beginners try to select them, finding high-quality tattoo kits or the best tattoo machines may spell challenge as these kits come in a variety. And if you’re not a professional tattoo artist, you may easily get lost in finding just the best tattoo kits around.


This article is inspired to make us beginners more motivated in improving our craft by choosing the best tattoo kit out there! We’ll also lay out some of the basics about a tattoo kit and its inclusions. Right before we reveal our top entries in this segment, we’ll give you a quick buying guide to choosing a tattoo kit that should be able to fit your needs.

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Top 5 Best Tattoo Kits To Check In The Market 2018

DragonHawk Complete Tattoo Kit


If you’re on a hunt for a tattoo kit that does consistency and comfort in all outputs it creates, then this another contender from DragonHawk should do you good. Quite better in fact as the product comes with four standard tunings tattoo machines for fine lining, lining, shading, and coloring — all of which can accommodate your seasoned professional tastes and beginners’ aspirations.

Meanwhile, DragonHawk’s Complete Tattoo Kit is also armed with copper coils that are framed with steel tattoo machines. The digital tattoo power supply system is also coupled with 50 pre-made tattoo needles that are sterile. Very much akin to the brand’s first entry, it has Immortal inks that are all vegan-friendly, vibrant, and smooth once applied.


  • Equipped with four standard tuning machines for lining, fine lining, shading, and coloring.
  • Comes with a proprietary digital DragonHawk power supply system.
  • Included immortal inks are vegan-friendly, comfortable, and consistent.
  • Ideal for both beginners and seasoned professionals.
  • Add-ons include a big carry case, 304 steel tips, and disposable grips.


  • Provided guns are not that premium.
  • Ink quality is subpar.

Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder


Both new tattoo artists and experienced professionals share a common goal — that is to improve their craft with an efficient tattoo kit. The Pirate Face Tattoo Kit is more than that though; it is specially developed to provide its users a consistent and reliable operation whose output is all promised to be worth the effort.

Its tattoo kit comprises of a USA-made Tattoo Brand Ink specially developed by Radiant Colors. These colors are crafted to create a highly sterilized, pure and uncut homogenized pigment on our skin. Meanwhile, this fluid mix should give you not only a bright one but also a result that has a long-lasting color.


  • Suitable for both beginners and seasoned tattoo artists.
  • Provides consistent and reliable tattoo operation.
  • Features Tattoo Brand Ink that U.S.-made by Radiant Colors.
  • Add-ons include a carrying case, 240-page Tattoo Instructional Book and DVD combo.
  • Has a six-month warranty for the product’s power supply, tattoo machines.


  • Power supply is reportedly unreliable.
  • Needles are not that premium.

Starter Complete Tattoo Kit 9 Machine Gun Power Supply 50 Needles Ink Set D23


With a tested and enduring reputation in tow, DragonHawk’s first entry on our list is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating formidable tattoo machines and their supplies. Its inclusions like that tattoo power box, tattoo foot pedal, along with the tattoo grips are all spot on and durable enough to last for years.

DragonHawk provided 50 needles, 304 handy steel tips, grips that are disposable, a tattoo pen, practice skins, and adjust tools. Other than that, you’ll find a vegan-friendly, accessible, trusted, and reliable 25 immortal inks that are packaged in 5ml. The included tattoo machines along with the ten wrap coils can both be operated for lining and shading.


  • Includes nine tattoo machines, ten wrap coils.
  • Colors included are made from the U.S.
  • Fifty DragonHawk needles with 304 able steel tips.
  • Comes with tattoo power box, foot pedal, and grips.
  • Features an internal, short-circuit protection.


  • Ink quality is not that premium.
  • Power supply is reported to have voltage control issues.

Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun 10 Color Inks Power Supply


Truly a product that is inspired by its clients’ constructive feedback, this last contender from DragonHawk is an exemplification of a product that listens. Tailored-fit to meet what all the tattooing customers want from a tattoo kit, it comes with two tattoo machines that should meet your lining and shading needs.

The company’s favorite immortal inks are also included along with a Light-Emitting Diode (LED) digital tattoo power supply. This is accompanied by a foot pedal, clip cord, and a Space aluminum-framed power supply. Your tattooing operations are promised to be comfortable, steady, and dependable.


  • Ideal for shading and lining.
  • Comes with Light-Emitting Diode digital tattoo power supply (aluminum-framed).
  • Includes immortal inks.
  • Tattoo needles are EO-sterilised.
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • Ink may not be made with a quality solution.
  • Kit doesn’t come with stems.

Tattoo Kit 2 Machine Gun Complete Power Supply Needles 7 Inks By Attu


Both lightweight and of high-quality inclusions, Attu’s package does also come with an excellent carrying case with keys. This product is especially suitable for those who’d like to travel with their kits as it has one of the most compact forms which should also work for easy storage. Upon unboxing, you should find the tattoo kit itself along with two, ten-wrap coil gun that can be used straight away.

You’ll also find a practice skin and an instructional DVD that should both work very well for beginners. The presentation is decidedly professional that is coupled with numerous various reference designs. Meanwhile, the kit comes with its proprietary needle, a power supply, and a comfortable foot pedal. So if you have just begun with tattooing and is always mobile, this entry should work for you.


  • Boasts of a high-quality tattoo machine kit.
  • Comes with a carrying case and keys.
  • Instructional DVD and practice skin for beginners.
  • Ideal for traveling tattoo artists.
  • Compact form and design.


  • Ink and needles are not made with premium quality.
  • May not be ideal for seasoned professionals.

Tattoo Kits in a Nutshell

A tattoo kit is a packaged collection of the usual tools and equipment that are required to get your job done when tattooing. Currently, some tattoo kits are available in the market. These are subdivided into categories such as the Beginner Kits, the Intermediate Kits, and the professional kits. Apart from these, there is also the “body art” kits that utilize henna to craft the Mehndi designs.

Types of Tattoo Kits

#1. Beginner Kit

Beginner Kit


The most typical tool you’ll find in a beginner’s tattoo kit is a tattoo machine. The quality of this unit should vary depending on the pricing of the kit. It should also have a variable power supply unit that does operate the machine itself. For this second tool, ensure that there is a foot operation switch along with a clip cord.

Other inclusions comprise of a set of inks and caps and a disposable tubing. Tattoo needles that are sterile are also included along with an antiseptic wash although its brands should vary. One of the more preferred wash is the green soap, but this should all boil down to your liking. The How-To booklet, flash art, and the practice “skin” are likewise in the mix.

#2. Intermediate Kit

Intermediate Kit


The tools and equipment you’ll see in an intermediate kit are similar to that of a beginner’s kit. However, there’ll just be some variations to it that you should find. Primarily, it includes two tattoo machines; one of which is dedicated for lining, while the other one is for shading. You’ll also stumble on a larger number of needles and tubing along the selection of inks.

Intermediate kits also provide caps along with a holder, a stencil paper that essentially transfers tattoo designs to the skin, antiseptic supplies with many bandages, gloves, gauze, and other similar items. A kit to soothe and take care of your final output is also part of this kit.

#3. Professional Kit

Professional Kit


Professional kits are equipped with basically the same type of things you’d find in intermediate kits. However, one of the differences you’ll find is that the items come with a much larger supply. Perhaps the glaring difference you’ll see is the autoclave inclusion. Along with it, you’ll also find sterilization pouches and an ultrasonic unit. These items cannot be dispensed for the sterilization of all reusable tattoo machinery and the supplies that are utilized by customers.

Watch this video to check on how a professional tattoo kit looks like.

Some Winning Tips

Now, if you’ve decided to buy a kit that goes without an autoclave, it is strongly advised that you purchase an autoclave separately. Ensure that you follow the operation instructions accordingly.

Moreover, I’d highly recommend that you allot a time first for a thorough research on the tattoo kit that you’re eyeing to buy. Apart from this, you may also opt to spend that particular time on visiting a shop in which you can watch seasoned tattoo artists do their things.

Observation is crucial in this regard as you should be able to know the tools that they prefer. If something is unclear to you, you may ask the artist directly and get their best advice on certain tasks or skills you’d like to master. Ultimately, you may also query them on the list of brands that provide top notch results in which both the artist and the customer should find to be in demand.

A Quick Buying Guide For Beginners

As tattooing is such a delicate affair, it is a must that you choose a tattoo kit that should be able to provide you the key needs in achieving optimum results on your output. Below are the factors you should consider when choosing the right tattoo kit:

1. Durable Materials

 materials of tattoo machine

As tattoo kits come with pricier tags, you may want to invest in something that is built with robust materials that should withstand the test of time. Strong materials will also give ou an assurance that the operation will go smoothly. The last thing you want to happen is seeing your tools breaking right in the middle of a session as this poses potential harm on your clients. Meanwhile, your reputation will also be put at risk when this happens.

2. Size and Shape

size and shape of the tattoo machine

Tattooing naturally subjects you in an extended time. And at times, you are bound to be engaged with your client for hours. In these situations, owning a tattoo machine with tools that are both comfortable and shaped suitably is a must. Choose tools that you’ll be comfortable and those that should allow you to perform your tasks effortlessly.

3. Separate Tools

the best tattoo kits

Contrary to what most beginners believe, the purchase of a hybrid machine that performs virtually all tasks when tattooing is frowned upon. It probably is considered as one if not the biggest blunder these budding artists have come to choose which can ultimately cost them significantly in terms of investment.

As such, ensure that you purchase needles that should serve distinct roles like lining, shading, and a lot more. If you think that you’re not able to afford a separate autoclave to sterilize these needles, you may opt for disposable needles and tubes instead. They are packaged neatly and can be used as they’re and can also be disposed of after usage. Meanwhile, if you’d like to steer clear of accidents that emanate from improper disposal of needles.

Ink and cap holders are also a must-have. Most seasoned tattoo artists recommend that you check the ink ingredients first before the actual purchase. Don’t go for inks which contain toxic or noxious chemicals that may put your clients at risk. Also, this should eventuate to tattoo outputs that are free of errors, plus an increase of the lifespan of your machine.

4. Other Considerations

Apart from the abovementioned factors, make certain that tattoo machine will support the power supply that you have at home. Meanwhile, instructional materials on DVD or CD are should also aid you in the long run.


The DragonHawk Complete Tattoo Kit is going to be worth your invested time, usage, and purchase. It has all the hallmarks of what a legitimate tattoo kit should have and should both accommodate the beginners’ fervor and the seasoned professionals’ advanced craft. It includes all the standard tuning machines (fine lining, lining, shading, and coloring) that are all well enough to cater your tattooing needs. DragonHawk’s permeating presence in the tattooing industry is very much felt in this notable entry.

Do you think DragonHawk deserves the top spot on our list? Was the article helpful enough to aid you in choosing the best tattoo kit in the market now? If you want to share your experience with your best tattoo kits, feel free to sound them off in the comment section below!

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