Does Vaseline Help Eyebrows Grow Faster: All You Need to Know

Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly has been known for years with high moisturizing power which gives many skin benefits. Its soothing and moisturizing properties has been used in many ways to achieve beautiful skin for babies and women alike.

Since the next “it” thing in beauty today is a well-defined brow, I did a little research and came up with this article to answer the question that many of my friends have been asking a lot recently ”Does vaseline help eyebrows grow?


​Since the top model Tyra Banks admitted herself that she is crazy over vaseline as her go-to moisturizer a few years ago, vaseline has been in the spotlight as part of the normal skincare routine. One of the most controversial questions right now is whether or not vaseline is able to grow your brows thicker.

​The result triggered the curiosity out of me. I started to get curious about vaseline’s ability to grow my brows too. The first thing I did was to ask my friends. I have so many friends both in person and social media who are also obsessed with beauty products like me.

To my surprise, I found out that several of them were already putting it in their brows for years and claim vaseline is effective. I did my research and came across an article claiming that it is not effective at all.

What? So Vaseline is not effective at all?

 vaseline is not effective at all

Well, according to the article mentioned above, Vaseline has no proven properties and no research was able to scientifically prove that vaseline can significantly grow your brows thicker. The article also said that prostaglandins and essential fatty acids are the real precursors for the growth of brows and lashes.

The article made sense. Scientifically and research-wise, I agree in whatever the article is claiming. However, something inside of me is still not satisfied. It felt like there is a missing link.

What’s missing?

Answers. I need an explanation about my lashes growing and my friends’ claims about their brows. We couldn’t just be hallucinating, right? I mean even WikiHow has an entire article on the steps needed to grow your lashes using vaseline. Those proofs can not be easily disregarded.

Logic dictates that there should be something about vaseline why women kept using it for years on their lashes and brows.

Temporary Effects of Vaseline

The article I have mentioned earlier claimed that the only “help” that vaseline does to your brows is to make it appear more defined with a shiny finish. It was compared to the temporary lengthening and thickening effects that any clear mascara can do for you.

If I were to be asked? I would grab a bottle of vaseline for this reason alone. Vaseline is way cheaper than clear mascaras, plus I can use it to moisturize my entire body too! It still a great value for your money, isn’t it?

But, that’s not all of it.

Vaseline as an Effective Eyebrow and Eyelash Grower

Vaseline as an Effective Eyebrow and Eyelash Grower

Looking closely at the benefits of Vaseline as a great and potent moisturizer, we don’t need to look elsewhere for answers. Like what it does for your skin, vaseline also moisturizes your lashes and brows.

A well-moisturized brow will become stronger and thicker because it is away from brittleness and breakage. Just think about your actual hair and your shampoo which promises longer and stronger hair.

You know it will grow thicker and fuller when it isn't dry and brittle. The same principle applies when you use vaseline for your eyebrows!

I only used vaseline before going to slip on my lashes and the results are now very visible at three months. Another friend of mine claimed that she used vaseline on her eyebrows around 3-4 times a day and the results are already visible after three months.

This article talks about the effectiveness of vaseline in growing fuller and thicker eyebrows. It talks about how Marilyn Monroe used vaseline on her face as moisturizer and ended up growing facial hairs.

What else can Vaseline do?

what else can vaseline do

Now that we are able to answer how vaseline was able to lengthen my lashes (and my friends’ brows), I am now going to start applying vaseline on my brows starting tonight. I am not expecting an instant result anyway. It is just a thing that I can look forward to after I religiously moisturize my face and preventing wrinkles and dryness on my face.

Aside from moisturizing your face and growing your brows, here are other reasons why you should include vaseline in your basket next time you visit the department store:

​1. Heals chapped and cracked lips

vaseline heals chapped and cracked lips

During winter, you need a highly-moisturizing treatment for your lips to prevent it from cracking. Your ordinary lip balm may not be able to do the trick. You can rub and massage your lips every night with vaseline to condition it and you’ll love the results!

2. Adds glow to your skin and nails

vaseline adds glow to your skin and nails

For the skin part, I bet you already know how it works to give you a hydrated and healthy skin. For nails, if you want your nails to look naturally beautiful and glossy, applying vaseline instead of a clear acrylic paint will do the trick.

3. Hair moisturizer

vaseline hair moisturizer

Now, you might be thinking that this one is so greasy and messy. Here’s how I do it- I add 1 tablespoon of vaseline in a 100ml empty spray bottle, add 2 tablespoons of my favorite conditioner, and fill the container with water.

You just have to shake it and spray on your hair to keep it shiny and hydrated. Adding aloe vera gel is also an option for extra moisture. It works great!

4. Perfume scent extender

vaseline perfume scent extender

If you rub vaseline in areas such as the back of your neck, sides of your collarbone and wrists, before wearing your favorite scent. Your perfume will surely last the whole day without needing to “retouch” your perfume.

​What if There’s No Vaseline Available at Home?

what if there is no Vaseline available at home

In the event that you can not get on hold of vaseline in your area, here are some other products that would help you naturally grow your brows:

  • Castor Oil: You can find it in many drugstores. Apply it during a mascara wand before going to sleep and rinse off in the morning.
  • Coconut Oil: They say, the essential fatty acids in coconut boosts and speed up the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Onion Juice: Squeezing onions on the eyebrows are said to make your hair grow thicker and fuller. Squeeze on the brows and rinse it after an hour.
  • Aloe Vera: Crushing aloe vera leaves or applying commercially available aloe vera gel is a great moisturizer and works the same way as a vaseline.
  • Milk: Put a milk on a cotton ball. Apply it on your brows before going to sleep and rinse it off in the morning.
  • Vitamins B & D: These vitamins are essential in growing your hair as well as your lashes and eyebrows. These are the building blocks of stronger and healthier brows.
  • Massage: Massaging your eyebrows stimulate the growth of hair in the same way as massaging your hair stimulate longer hair. Make sure to avoid massaging your brows with lotion and creams that may contain chemicals that can potentially harm or damage the hair follicles.


Applying Vaseline on your face (area) is not something that everyone can tolerate. To be honest, it felt uncomfortable at first because it is greasy and heavy.

The after effect is what everyone is craving about-smoothest and softest skin ever! That being said, massaging and applying vaseline on the eyebrows make it grow longer and thicker too! I guess Tyra Banks is not the only one who is going gaga over Vaseline. I am also equally impressed.

What more could you ask for in a very affordable product? It has the instant effects that clear mascaras offers and long term effects in keeping your brow moisturized that help it grow thicker and fuller in time.

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