Amazon Prime Day 2017

Amazon Prime Day 2017: Feast On Some Of The Biggest Deals On Beauty Products

If you’ve been eyeing on some of the best and effective beauty products on Amazon, the day you’ve been desperately wanting to arrive is almost upon us. And by the looks of it, this yearning that happens not so often is all the more worth it. Yes, folks — the Amazon Prime Day is all slated to return for almost a day or two from now (well in most time zones anyway!). And what could be more appropriate than priming (no pun here) yourself hours from the highly-anticipated event with the most crucial information you need to be armed with to get just the fantastic deals.


Dubbed as the “holiday of savings,” Amazon Prime Day is now scheduled to happen on the evening of July 10 at precisely 9 p.m. ET/6PM. If you reside in the UK, Amazon is also expected to kick off this third annual sales event at 6 p.m. 2017’s Prime Day is reportedly going to last for 30 hours right until it sees the day of July 11.

Without dilly-dallying, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the great Amazon Prime Day. This discussion will mainly include the only information that you need to enjoy this spectacular opportunity truly. So, just who is allowed to venture into this kind of Prime action? What is the fastest way to get on the nicest deals? What are the beauty products that you can avail of? What are the other offers that you can get from this special event? Today, let’s look into answering all of these essential queries.

The Prime Membership

New users who wish to participate and take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day deal should sign up for the Prime membership before the event begins. Once signed, you may share some of these perks to a family member or even to a friend or roommate.For the uninitiated, Amazon Prime is the subscription service in which you can afford unlimited two-day shipping, movie, and endless music streaming, along with other services.

Now, if you happen to have not tried the service yet, you can avail of its free trial period. This trial membership should qualify you for the imminent Prime Day savings. The deal becomes more enticing if you’re a U.S. college student as it allows you to get a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime. After that, you can get a spectacularly low membership that is 50 % off the regular annual price.

What Are Amazon Prime Day’s Special Deal Types

1. The Lightning

DealsThis type of deal is time-limited and offers savings on selected items. It lasts for a specific amount of time or once an item or items run of stock. If you’re not able to participate or you’re late, you may still join a “waitlist.” This allows you to have a chance of purchasing the item once another buyer chooses to let go of his or her claim or ends up not buying the product. This kind of deal launches every five minutes.

2. The Spotlight Deals

Touted as the best discounts deal on Amazon Prime Day, a spotlight deal lasts only for a short period right before the stock of a certain item runs out. It is usually featured at the top of the page so you can find them easily.

​An Avalanche Of Beauty Products On Amazon Prime Day

One of the more enticing segments during the Amazon Prime Day is the great deals that you can take advantage of under some of the most popular and useful beauty. Ranging from skin care and hair products. These encompass your prized and favorite makeup, massage oils, age-defying tools, and a lot more!

​Apart from these deals, you are also assured of a greater chance of getting authentic customers reviews that are participated by bona fide customers. Meanwhile, free shipping options are likewise included to make your choices more justified in terms of their costs.Perhaps the happier customers during the Amazon Prime Day are those that just adore luxury beauty products. These products include premium makeup, skin, hair, and the nail care alternatives that are under even fairer price tags. If these purchases are coupled with 5 percent cash back along with free delivery, what could be sweeter than that deal?

How And Where To Get These Amazing Deals?

The Amazon Site

​Amazon’s website is now festooned with an intuitive interface for the upcoming Prime Day deals. As such, you won’t find it a hassle to navigate through these pages. You’ll also find pre-Prime Day deal on the site which should become accessible anytime from now.

​Amazon Prime members can avail of its Amazon Music Unlimited service which will only cost around $0.99 for four months. You may also take advantage of the Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

​Membership along with Prime Pantry which commenced on the 3rd of July.

​Amazon Prime also extends its offers and discounts that include the daily 5% cashback on Amazon purchases. Meanwhile, a 2% rewards await those who reload their Amazon Gift Cards balance through their checking account.

​The Amazon App

One of the primary challenges of Amazon Prime Day is getting in the loop of the deals that mainly interest you and the ones that are about to begin hours before the big revelation. Thankfully, Amazon has developed its very own app to let you keep track of these upcoming deals. The app should also send you these notifications when they’re about to begin. Other features of this app include a voice-enabled search and the much-needed shipment tracking. You can download the app via Amazon Fire (natch), Android, and iOS.

​Special Deals You Can Take Advantage Of During The Amazon Prime Day

Here are the special offers that you can avail right off the bat during the Amazon Prime Day.

1.) Save up to 40 % on your Kindle Membership. Availment of this should provide you access to over one million books.

2.) Get 40 % off during the first six months of your Amazon Audible subscription. An access to a lot of audiobooks is guaranteed.

​3.) 35 % off at your Prime Pantry membership, allowing you to save money on selected food and household items.

4.) Around $10 credit is given to those Prime members who opt to stream a Prime video. To take advantage of this, one must stream it from Fire TV, Fire TV sticks, Rokus, and from certain platforms before the Prime Day.

​5.) A golden loot box is also given to Twitch Prime Members in which their membership is included in the Amazon Prime Video. The box contains a legendary item which remains unknown to the member right unitl he opens it.

​6.) Prime Members can also get huge deals on their unlocked smartphones by manufacturers such as Alcatel, BLU, Nokia, and Moto.

​7.) If you take advantage of the event’s no-rush 6-day shipping, you’ll get a bonus under rewards or outright discounts.

As Amazon Prime Day becomes more imminent by the minute, it is a must now that you’re equipped with the right know-hows on how to grab just about the biggest deals, beauty products or not. And with our short yet informative discussion, I’m sure you won’t get lost in the middle of your excitement! And in that note, ensure that you read through all the sections and tips we’ve included for you. Until then, feast your eyes and happy shopping!

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