Pro Tips – How Long Do Senegalese Twists Last? (You’ll Be Glad You Found Out!)

Senegalese twist is one of the most popular protective hair styles out there. If you’re looking for a new way to do your hair and in a way that both looks great and is easy to maintain, look no further than this amazing style.

​It is classy. It is beautiful and it protects your hair from damage. It is also super easy to maintain and the best about this is that it looks great with any outfit that you want to wear. But how long do Senegalese twists last ?


The Process

The process of creating the Senegalese twist is very simple.

  • You have to wrap a particular type of braiding material around the natural root of the hair.
  • Then you have to see that the hair is equally divided into two parts.
  • You have to then twist the two strands from the root and work your way upwards till the ends.

These twists are very easy to maintain.

  • You do not need to put too much work into it.
  • All you have to do is to make sure that you moisturize the hair and scalp regularly with spray moisturizers in order to make sure that the strands do not get undone from within the twists due to roughness of the hair.

There is no fixed time for how long the Senegalese twists can last. It depends on how you maintain it.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your twists are long lasting and beautiful as ever.


​1. Never Twist on Wet Hair

How Long Do Senegalese Twists Last


Twists that are done on moist hair tends to get undone and frizzy faster than if you were to do it on a dry hair. You need to make sure that your hair is dry but not rough. It must also be stretched to the breaking point so that you can get a tight twist.

​2. Twist Pudding Helps

How Long Do Senegalese Twists Last


Using a twist pudding to do your styling always helps. This will add a grip to your twists. Twisting puddings can be easily made by a simple mixture of gel and shea butter along with a little oil to bring it all together.

3. Twist It Like a Rope

How Long Do Senegalese Twists Last


The Senegalese twist method actually gets its name from the method of rope twisting. You take two opposing strands of hair and coil it upon itself by twisting it against each other. The use of the coil makes the twists smoother and longer lasting. Here is a method to do it properly.

4. Cover Your Head with a Scarf While Going to Bed

How Long Do Senegalese Twists Last


It is important to keep your head covered while going to bed. Keep it from being damaged by fiction with the bed sheets. Use a scarf to help lay the frizzes down and make your style look fresh and beautiful. It is important to not tie the scarf too tight.

​5. Moisturize Properly

How Long Do Senegalese Twists Last


Keep your moisturizing to a bare minimum that is required. Do not over work it. It is essential to find a moisturizer that lasts long so that you do not need to apply it for days or even an entire week. Here is a great article on how to keep your twists moisturized properly.

6. Always Braid the Twists before Washing Your Hair

It is super important to keep your hair braided and intact before washing. It is done to ensure that the twists are kept intact and frizzing is kept to a minimum.

7. Keep Your Hair Braided While Air Drying

This is done to ensure that there are minimum frizzes and it also has the added benefit of being able to keep the shrinkage to a minimum.

8. Try a Smaller Twist

How Long Do Senegalese Twists Last


The smaller the twists the longer the style lasts. Bigger twists tend to have a larger surface area of exposure and a more relaxed coil that can be easily undone over time. Smaller twists keep the area of exposure to a minimum. It makes the hair less prone to frizzing and ensures that coils are strong and stretched.

9. Your Twists Must Not be Too Large or Too Small

While making the twists on your hair, always keep an optimum size for the twists.

Do not go overboard with how small or large you want to end up making them. Although it is ultimately better for you to make them smaller than bigger.

If you end up making big twists they tend to get frizzier at a much faster rate.

Along with these tips you need to remember the following Dos and Don’ts to keep your twists from unravelling.

Dos and Don’ts

Do: Install Using Smooth Braid Extensions

How Long Do Senegalese Twists Last


Always make sure to use a braid extension that is smooth. They far kinkier and they help to twist your hair without much of a hassle. You need to perfect the twisting technique in order to prevent them from being unraveled. The Kanekalon hair is considered to be the best available choice for twisting your hair the Senegalese way.

Do: Unravel the Ends of Your Twists

Hair can get untangled easily if your ends aren’t properly secure. In order to keep the ends sealed, you need to dip the entirety of the extension in hot water. If you’re still unable to undo your ends, you can use a curling rod to do it.

Do: Do the Edges

If you want the twists to stay long lasting and beautiful you need to get the edges redone. The key is to unravel them periodically and re-twist them. After the edges are done, you can deep condition your edges to keep them from breaking away.

Don’t: Twist without Proper Practice

Twists can be easily done. But they can be mighty difficult if you don’t do it without practice. Senegalese twists are to be made carefully. You can easily master it by trying out on fake hair a few times.

​Here is a YouTube video to show you the proper way of twisting your hair.

Don’t: Pull the Hair too Tight

It is important to do this as gently as you can. If you pull too tight on the strands of the twists you can cause the roots to be under pressure and your scalp can get hurt. You can end up damaging your hair permanently.


So there you go! These simple yet scientific tips will make sure that you can keep your protective twists protected from wear and tear and the unforgiving frizzing up. Keep your hair styled and beautiful so that you can flaunt it with confidence. I hope this article was useful.

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