How Long Should You Stay In A Sauna? (The Answer Will Surprise You!)

There is nothing more satisfying than spending some glorious minutes in a sauna room after your workout. The ideas of relaxation, that much-needed detoxification, an aid to your weight loss resolution, and generally a companion to a healthier lifestyle come to mind right before you head in that tranquil room.

But as most good things go, some drawbacks have also been associated with it. Recent findings revealed that staying for so long in the sauna can cause some health risks— which ultimately begs the question: How long should you stay in a sauna?


This discussion is especially dedicated to those who have just gotten started with the thrill of getting the best out of a sauna experience. Along the way, we’ll quickly cover on the pros and cons of subjecting yourself inside a sauna which will hopefully guide you no matter which state of being you are currently in.

Before we dive right into the much-debated question, let’s look into some of the advantages of pampering yourself in the sauna.

Health Benefits of Saunas

#1. They help in flushing your toxins

As you’re expected to experience intense heat sessions in a sauna, you’re most likely bound to sweat profusely. As such, this undertaking will actively remove the unwanted toxins from your body in effect.

Watch this video to check on other ways to remove the toxins from your body.

#2. They aid in your weight loss regimen

If you’re one of those who easily gets tired out in lifting and performing bodyweight exercises all in the name of losing some weight, then consider your sauna experience as your perennial godsend.

During your nice sauna bath, your heart rate should increase significantly that is generated by the dry heat. Scientific findings reveal that a 20-minute sauna session under an approximate 170 degrees Fahrenheit should shed you some hefty 500 calories.

#3. They beef up your immune system

saunas beef up your the immune system

As for someone who has a particularly low white blood cells count , imagine my awe when I found out that saunas can, in fact, help me increase them! For the uninitiated, white blood cells are your defenses in combating infections and ailments. If you have a higher count of white blood cells, you tend to become much healthier and should be able to fight illnesses more robustly.

#4. They expand your social world

saunas expand your social world

For large-sized saunas such as the nearest public one in your area, these places can widen your social world effectively. Apart from gaining new acquaintances, saunas can also improve your social skills, if you’re lacking those, that is.

#5. They beef up your performance during endurance sports

saunas beef up your performance during endurance sports

The more heat tolerance that you possess, the greater sports endurance is expected. This goes in essence when you use saunas regularly. You should feel less fatigue and be able to maintain that energy level for an extended period of time. Ultimately, your performance is increased.

#6. They give your hair that much-needed glow

saunas give your hair that much needed glow

Your time in saunas also activates a special gland that is otherwise known as “sebaceous gland”. This very gland  releases compounds that are responsible for conditioning and moisturizing your hair. Now, who needs to spend loads of cash just to perfect your hair?

#7. They provide you a sense of relief after workout

After engaging your body in strenuous activities, the sauna right within your favorite gym should be able to help you relax and aid it to recover quickly. Essentially, your body’s metabolic wastes dissipate as you begin sweating in a sauna.

#8. They help you look extra younger

saunas help you look extra younger

A few regular sauna sessions should give you an improved blood flow to your skin which will inadvertently aid the growth of new skin — providing you that special glow. Moreover, your sessions should be able to remove all the dead cells, reinvigorating your skin and your overall physical look.

So, just how long should you really stay in a sauna?

Now that we have all-outed the health benefits of spending some minutes in a sauna, it’s about high time to rip the band-aid off — you cannot stay in it for a prolonged period of time!

This also goes to advise you that your stay in a sauna is dependent on your experience in that place. As such, your first session should not last 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes is consumed, take yourself out and take a warm shower along with a glass of cool water to rehydrate your body.

Once you feel that you’re already seasoned, in a sauna that is, feel free to extend your sessions to 15 minutes. And similar to your first sessions, take a cold shower right after each section.

Ultimately, most allowable sauna sessions range from 30 to 45 minutes. However, it is still important and crucial to always listen to your body as your tolerance to heat will depend on it. More importantly, if you feel that you’re getting the sensation of light-headedness, step out and take a break.

The disadvantages of saunas

Prolonged usage of saunas or even just a minor use of it could lead to some health risks. So before heading for such an experience, I’d highly suggest that you consult it with your doctor first. Here are some of the known risks that are associated to saunas:

#1. Dehydration

As heat is relative to saunas, risks of dehydration are likewise abundant. Subsequently, this can also result in low blood pressure and loss of consciousness. Whenever you feel extra weak after your session that could mean that you’re dehydrated. Now, if weakness is coupled with light-headedness and some other noticeable discomfort, end your session right away and drink plenty of water to rehydrate.

#2. Elevated core body temperature

Sauna or steam rooms, along with their extreme heat, can catapult your body’s internal cooling system into a minor breakdown. As a result, your body’s core temperature will be affected as that system is prone to being overloaded. For you to avoid this from happening, allow yourself to relax in a sauna room for 15 minutes only. This will reduce the chances of subjecting your body to overheating.

#3. Burns

Sauna burns are usually the result of overexposure to hot air when temperatures rocket to 190 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Avoiding this unfortunate situation is simple: Don’t feel like staying in a sauna room that long!

#4. Reproductive effects on men

If you’re male and planning to conceive a child right at this point, please try to veer away from sauna rooms. Recent findings revealed that the temperature of your testicles rises once your body heat does. This in turn, reduces your sperm count.

One dedicated study shared that a respondent’s sperm count has decreased accordingly when he subjected himself in a sauna room for five weeks. However, men shouldn’t worry that much as this can be averted although it could take weeks before the sperm count gets normalized.

Final thoughts

Relaxing in a sauna is a universally approved activity. This is backed by health benefits that easily overpower some of its drawbacks. These disadvantages that range from dehydration to low blood pressure can all be avoided when crucial steps are taken. These steps will depend on whether it is your very first time in a sauna room or you’re already a seasoned one.

Ultimately, your safety should rely on your awareness on the right steps to take when you are staying in a sauna room. And more importantly, you should consult with your doctor first whenever you have plans to extend your stay in such a place.

If you think that I’ve missed on some tips on this discussion, please feel free to sound them below on the comment section.

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