How Much Is A Full Body Wax? How To Know If You’re Being Overcharged

If you are considering full body hair removal, you may already be aware of the concept of head-to-toe full body waxing. You may have also been told by men and women alike, that the process can be quite painful.

​This is not surprising as the reputation of this waxing being painful usually precedes the useful facts about this process.

​But this article aims at educating you about this common beauty technique of hair removal, including key questions like, “What all parts of my body can I get waxed?” and “How much is a full body wax?


​Understanding How Waxing is Done

Understanding How Waxing is Done

Waxing is a very common hair removal technique that involves removal of hair from its roots for a smooth and silky look.

What Can Be Waxed?

A full body wax usually includes removing hair from different areas of the body including the chest, stomach, shoulders, back, arms, legs, buttocks, hands, feet, upper lips, eyebrows, and the bikini areas.

​Types of Body Wax Used at Waxing Salons

  • Soft wax is used for removal of thin hair and is best suited for normal skin types.
  • Hard wax. People with thicker hair and sensitive skin will find this wax a more suited solution.

Both processes cause pain to a certain level, but hard wax is generally considered less painful of the two.

Different types of body wax


Two different types of waxes may be used by your aesthetician depending on your skin and hair type.

Soft wax is used for removal of thin hair and is best suited for normal skin types.

People with thicker hair and sensitive skin will find hard wax a more suited solution. Both processes cause pain to a certain level, but hard wax is generally considered less painful of the two.

soft wax

Hard wax

Using soft wax involves application of warm wax over the desired body part, which is then peeled off using a strip of cloth.

Hard wax on the other hand, does not involve the use of any cloth strip.

The cloth strip is removed quickly in a flash motion, and in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.

A thicker wax is first applied over the skin and allowed to dry and harden. During this drying period, the wax traps the hair, pulling it away from the skin.

Soft wax is not applied on the same area twice as it will then peel of dead skin cells instead of removing any more hair.

After this, the layer of wax is gently removed by hand, and takes away all the trapped hair along with it.

Some Precautions to Keep in Mind

How Much is a Full Body Wax Some Precautions to Keep in Mind

Some people may be allergic to the wax used in salons. It may be a good idea to talk to your aesthetician beforehand about such concerns, so he may test the wax over a small area of your skin.

Allergic symptoms include formation of rashes, and blisters and swelling over the area. Redness of skin and constant itching are also common symptoms to look out for.

In case you only experience these symptoms after getting the waxing done, you don’t have to panic.

Simple home remedies to tackle this issue include application of a hydrocortisone cream that you can easily spot at any local pharmacy. An ice pack can also help soothe the irritated area, while taking a drug like ibuprofen is only advised in the case of extreme pain and inflammation.

See video below to know about detail .

Factors That Affect the Cost of Waxing

Factors affecting the price of full body waxing at any salon or spa are various, and you may want to consider all of them before making your final decision.

However, the average cost of full body waxing falls somewhere between $150 and $250 for women, and between $200 and $300 for men.

1. The Type of Wax

How Much is a Full Body Wax The Type of Wax

Some salons and spas are popular for offering their customers special high quality waxes that cause less pain and provide a smoother finish than regular waxes.

Most of these waxes usually feature the goodness of natural ingredients that are gentler on the skin.

If you opt for such special waxes, the prices will surely head north.

2. The Establishment

Factors That Affect the Cost of Waxing The Establishment

High-end specialty salons and spas will charge much higher than your local neighborhood establishments.

This higher charge is usually justified by offering you a better ambience, the promise of personal attention, and some places even serve beverages and quick snacks.

In short, you will be paying that extra amount for a luxurious experience.

3. Membership Advantages

Factors That Affect the Cost of Waxing Membership Advantages

Most beauty centers today sell memberships that come with perks like reduced waiting times, and discounts on procedures.

If you are a member of any salon or spa, enquire about discounts available for full body waxing.

In some places, you may have to first earn loyalty points which can later be redeemed in the form of cash discounts.

4. Stand-alone or Part of Package

Factors That Affect the Cost of Waxing  Stand-alone or Part of Package

Some places offer beauty combos where they club different procedures into a single pack.

For instance, many spas offer the waxing and sauna combo. Opting for such packs makes sense if you are planning on using other services being offered at that place.

In such a case, you will save on the total cost of the combined procedures.

5. The Aesthetician

Factors That Affect the Cost of Waxing The Aesthetician

Some salons and spas, usually of the high-end variety, will hire certified cosmetologists to handle full body waxing.

These people are trained to make the procedure more comfortable, and produce results that are better and longer lasting.

You may be required to book an appointment in advance to avail the services of certified cosmetologists.

6. The Place You Live In

Factors That Affect the Cost of Waxing The Place You Live In

Waxing prices vary from town to town, and city to city.

Bigger metropolitans that have higher costs of living will feature more expensive waxing options, while smaller cities and towns will charge relatively less.

However, prices may vary greatly amongst the different options within a town or city.

7. Hiring a Freelancer

Factors That Affect the Cost of Waxing  Hiring a Freelancer

Yes, freelancing beauticians do exist. They will visit you at your home with all necessary equipment to give you a personalized full body waxing.

The rates they charge may be lower, higher or at par with those charged outside, depending on their experience and the quality of products they use.

8. Your Gender

Factors That Affect the Cost of Waxing  Your Gender

Lastly, the amount printed on the bill that you will receive depends on whether you’re a man or woman.

Common trends indicate that majority of the places charge men higher for waxing than they do for women.

This is because men usually have more hair on their body, which means more strips of wax are needed to get the job done.

DIY Waxing at Home 

A cheap and common alternative to getting waxing done from a professional, is to perform it yourself at home.

You may not be able to wax all parts of your body by yourself, but waxing some parts of your body can help you save money by approaching professionals for waxing of only leftover areas.

Be sure to take proper precautions before waxing any part of your body at home.


Though you are now aware of the various factors that influence the cost of full body waxing, you should still be prepared to shell out anywhere from $150 to $300 to utilize the services of a trained professional.

If you feel like you are being charged more than you should be, question the salon or spa on the basis of above discussed factors, and decide for yourself.

I hope this guide to full body waxing has been helpful to you. Do you have any additional waxing advice or experiences to share?

I encourage you to post any questions, suggestions, or ideas in the comments section below.

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