The Easy Guide on How to Fix Receding Hairline

Are you starting to dread Friday nights or weekends when you will see your friends as they do not miss a gathering without making a joke or two about your receding hairline?

Do not let this circumstance get in the way of your normal life as, in fact, you are among the millions of men and women in the United States since 2016 who endure it. First, it is on the forehead. After several decades, the crown gets patchy too until the baldness moves on your entire head.

While you may have noticed it happening to colleagues and loved ones, you cannot know for certain that you are going through a similar fate. Before knowing how to fix receding hairline, you need to gain an absolute understanding about the things that affect the matter.


Hence, take a good look at the answers given below.

What is This Condition?

what is receding hairline

A receding hairline, which typically follows the male pattern baldness, is the term used for hair that falls off with time. For women, it is called female pattern hair loss. As mentioned above, it begins with the front part of the head, and then a patch appears in the middle till the rest of the hair thins out and eventually gets lost.

Although this disorder causes a distress to men more often, even the ladies may not be exempted to it since any gender has dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The easiest way to explain the function of this hormone is that it is at its peak during your teenage years, letting you grow hair in different body parts and develop sexual feelings. But when the DHT finally takes a backseat, not only will your raging hormones stabilize but it may prevent your follicles from producing hair as well.

Dihydrotestosterone has the capability to make the hairline recede if the system does not stop generating high levels of it. When you only utilize a bit of it, the excess will get attached to various spots. By the time the DHT covers a hair follicle, the hormone can suffocate it, in a manner of speaking, until blood and nutrients no longer flow into it and the strands fall.

Is it The Only Cause of Receding Hairline?

cause of receding hairline

No. Even if the hormone is the ultimate culprit, we cannot rule out other factors which may cause receding hairline. Age, of all things, may have a role here because the problem progresses as you take on years. It may show during puberty, but the situation will be more apparent once you hit your 30s and 60s.

Another reason that scientists are looking at is genetics. We have unearthed a research conducted in Germany wherein they have found out that the gene that leads to premature balding when it becomes affected by diversities is on the X chromosome. In other words, this is something that has come from your mother.

But before you place the blame on her poor soul, determine the level of stress you feel every day since being overstressed can make you lose chunks of hair too. The body produces a lot of cortisol, the stress hormone, during this time, which puts your growing hair into resting mode. Some may experience it temporarily, yet others are not so lucky.

How to Know if You Have a Receding Hairline?

how to know if you have a receding hairline

Covering the causes and the meaning of the issue does not guarantee that you have it. To know how to fix receding hairline, you need to check first if you are indeed going through this condition.

The procedure is a bit different for boys and girls, though you should examine the thinning hair in general. For the former, your hair recedes when it forms the M shape at the front. Tiny strands will show at its perimeter as well. View a lengthier explanation here:

With the women, on the other hand, it may not get that obvious since the thinning will be noticeable when you part your locks. The increase in the gap indicates that you are also suffering from this problem.

How to Fix Receding Hairline?

Its cure has not been invented yet, to be frank with you, but there are remedies and various solutions available which may work, depending on how severe the recession is.

1. Get a Haircut

get rid of receding hairline with haircut

Your options are to go bald or to have an expert stylist chop the hair in a way that your fringes can hide the hairless patches. The benefit you may attain from the latter is that you will still look trendy despite the matter. Only, it may require a lot of mousse or gel to keep the style intact all day long.

As for the first-mentioned, well, you can do it at home by yourself using a handy electric clipper. The hitch to this resolve is that not every guy – and gal – in town has the courage to rock the look as we are aware of how some gain confidence from their crowning glory.

2. Take Vitamins

Eating healthy stuff is already given, but you must add vitamins and minerals to your diet to elevate your chances of re-growing the hair on the problematic areas. Omega 3, in particular, has hair growth as one of its reimbursements; that’s why you need to consult the physician immediately about taking it.

Vitamin B12 may be of help to you as well because this compound can enable the red blood cells to form. Based on what we have learned earlier, the follicles shed off hair when blood stops flowing into it. However, if this fluid travels through the vessels again and reaches the roots of the strands, it may put the follicle in the growing phase once more.

3. Have it Treated

get rid of receding hairline with have it treated

After confirming with a medical specialist that your condition is actually receding hairline and not a kind of alopecia, you may look for topical creams which can potentially be applied on your scalp for a certain period. It is the initial thing you can do, specifically in case you are scared of ingesting anything. Different pharmacies have over-the-counter medications that you can try as well.

Meanwhile, if your frustration is about to hit the roof, then perhaps it is time for you to contact a doctor so that he or she can prescribe a treatment that may counter your case. There is a medicine, to be precise, that can normalize the amount of dihydrotestosterone that your body generates if ever this is what causes the receding hairline.

In case it still does not work, feel free to inquire regarding laser illumination. The process is clearly new, yet it promises to revive the resting hair follicles with a laser so that there will be growth again.

4. Opt For a Transplant

get rid of receding hairline with hair transplantation

It is the fourth choice here as you just have to do it as a last resort and if you really do not see your life progressing without any hair. The technique is that the physician will take artificial strands which have a similar color to your original locks and implant them in your head.

The advantage of doing so is you will have lesser hair to lose as the fake ones will no longer budge. Even when you get older, they will stay where they have been transplanted. In addition to that, no one may detect the difference.

The Verdict

Hair recession is caused by diverse aspects, with hormones and aging on the lead. We have no means to offer a solid solution on how to fix receding hairline as science continues to find out the actual way to resolve it for good, but you definitely have options to try.

Hopefully one of the tips we have provided above will do wonders for you. And if it does, do not feel shy about letting us know about it here or in social media. Good luck!

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