How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally-See Amazing Methods Here !

Eye color is one of the unique things about yourself that is very difficult to alter without using contact lenses. There is a possibility of enhancing the eye color by using the right kind of eyeshadow.

You can also use contact lenses and surgical methods to change your eye color, but these are mostly in experimental stages and mostly unadvisable.

The article is dedicated to showing you how to subtly change your eye color.

If you have a special event to attend and you want your eyes to appear lightened then there are ways in which you can do that.

But the best possible way to subtly alter your eye color is by lightening your eyes through natural methods. Natural methods may not always be slow and time consuming. For example, if you use natural ingredients to soften your lips, you might wait for months to see the result. 

They can also be very fast, although not as fast as applying strategic shades of eyeshadow. In this article, I’ll show you how to get lighter brown eyes naturally with some amazing methods.

Here are the Things that You’ll Need

How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally

For the natural method of eye color alteration you will not need much equipment or make up per say. You just need to purchase some pure and raw honey. Take equal measures of water and honey: five heaped tablespoons of the two ought to do it.

You can go ahead and then mix them and allow the mixture to boil on a medium to high heat. After the water starts to boil, take it aside and cool it down for five minutes till it is lukewarm. Then pour that into an eye dropper and store the rest away.

​A Comprehensive Guide to the Procedure

How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally

If you are looking for the best possible way to naturally lighten your eyes, it is by the use of honey. This assertion is really doubted by many people. That is because people are using the incorrect procedure of application of honey.

It is incorrect to apply the honey directly from the container into your eyes. This is precisely why the credibility of this method is doubted by many people. Here, I have a fairly simple procedure to do it and get lightened eye color naturally and effectively.

​How to Do It

You can put two to three drops of the honey water mixture that you made, at least twice a day, into each eye. You can do it in the morning before you wash your face and at night before you go to bed. Keep doing it for two to three weeks at least before you can see easily discernible results.

This procedure can lighten the tone of the eyes from say dark brown to a lighter shade of brown. And this can happen with all other eye colors. It is however not so effective with blue as it is the purest color. So this treatment produces the best results with brown or green eyes.

In addition to following this routine, you need to keep these tips in mind when it comes to getting a lighter eye color tone:

#1- Take Plenty of Water

How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally with Take Plenty of Water

The human body is composed mostly of water. It needs water for osmoregulation. So when your body is properly hydrated then your eyes will tend to appear bright as opposed to the dullness they will exude when insufficiently hydrated. By that same process, the overall effect is that eye tone will now appear a shade lighten then before.

#2- Have Sufficient Sleep

How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally with Have Sufficient Sleep


Not having enough sleep makes our eyes droop and become dull. It loses moisture and becomes dry. Enough sleep makes our eyes a shade or two lighter in color. It is absolutely necessary therefore to have at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

#3- Reduce Your Daily Caffeine Intake

How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally with Reduce Your Daily Caffeine Intake


Nicotine from tobacco and caffeine along with other alkaloids, tend to dehydrate our body. When there is inadequate water, your eyes start to appear dark and gloomy. Smoking also has the added effect of causing irritation in your eyes when smoke goes into your eyes.

#4- Have a Vitamin C Rich Diet

How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally with Have a Vitamin C Rich Diet


Vitamin C is a nutrient that is found in large concentrations in vegetables and fruits. Including fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet makes your eyes go extremely bright.

Intake of vital nutrients such as Vitamin C also has the added effect of preventing our eyes from discoloration. Your eyes can go reddish or yellowish in case of a nutrient deficiency.

#5- Say No to Junk Food

How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally with Say No to Junk Food


A cardinal rule in all beautification process is that you say NO to any form of junk food. Junk food causes the liver to work more.The result is that eyes can appear discolored to a yellowish hue. You need to therefore take citrus fruits and vegetables to keep your system healthy and your eyes bright.

#6- Get Some Exercise

How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally with Get Some Exercise

Exercise makes the blood flow of our body improve and allow circulation to take place within the whole body, which makes our eyes appear brighter than they normally would be. Lack of exercise can lead to reddening of our eyes with fatigue.

#7- Keep Away from the Direct Rays of the Sun

How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally with Keep Away from the Direct Rays of the Sun

The direct rays of the sun can cause immense harm to your eyes in general. This can make them appear dry and dazed as opposed to sharp and bright. Make sure you wear sunglasses so that your delicate tissues are protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Additional Lightening Methods

How To Get Lighter Brown Eyes Naturally with makeup

Eyes are a person’s most attractive feature. So much so that many cultures encourage the focus on eyes as an integral part of our beauty. The color of your iris cannot be changed through the application of beauty products, but you can cosmetically alter the color by wearing tinted contact lenses.

The more natural way to beautify your eyes is by making them lighter and appear brighter. In addition to my honey method above, do not forget that eyes can be subtly enhanced by the use of eyeshadows.

People who already have brown eyes can use any eyeshadow, but cool colors such as purple and blue really accentuate the contrast and helps brighten brown colored eyes. Here are some exciting shades you can try out:

  • If you’re going with a casual look, then you can stick with your light brown shade. Try out exciting variations like silvery brown, which gives a luminescent glow and peachy brown, which has a mellow look.
  • If you want to go a little off beat, you can try blue, green and purple shades.
  • For a special occasion, you can have a bit of fun with metallic shades like copper, bronze or gold.
  • A silver or chocolate shade can also accentuate your brown eyes and make it appear bright and exciting. Here is an exciting product that will be perfect for your eyes.

Extra: The Science behind the Honey Method

Finally, as an assurance to the more skeptical yet rational readers, let me explain how the science behind the honey technique for lightening your eyes works.

Honey, as it turns out, has natural bleach-like properties. It is often used in the household as an ingredient for a skin lightening treatment or for doing away with dark spots. It is also used in bleaching hair and as a home based remedy for skin allergies.

But how does it work on the eyes? Well, its bleaching properties have been assumed to work, but it turns out that is a claim not supported by a lot of evidence. What instead can possibly happen is that it is an antibacterial solution. It can clean eyes and do away with eye infections like reddening.

There are also several studies that show honey solution can be effective in dry eyes syndrome which is notorious for making the eyes go dry and dull.

One more apprehension associated with this method is whether it is safe or not. Expert ophthalmologists have confirmed that a correctly mixed solution of honey is not at all harmful for your eyes. In fact, it continues to be a good natural remedy for the dryness of eyes as well.

There is No Permanent Solution

You must always remember that eye color is the result of a genetic composition in your DNA. The methods stated here only accentuate and brighten your eye color to give you the best possible look naturally.Most are also temporary in nature.

There is no permanent solution to getting naturally bright and light colored eyes unless you’re born with a lighter shade of brown. But that is not any reason to get discouraged or down. You can always keep regularly following these steps to get the best possible results.

For a more permanent solution, you would need to undertake a surgical procedure that has not yet been perfected. The results are still being debated within the medical community as of the writing of this blog.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this amazing tutorial on how to get lighter brown eyes naturally. The steps are easy. The ingredients are commonly available. The methods are safe and effective. If you found this article helpful and benefitted from the instructions described here then do share it with you friends.

How would you lighten your eyes? What methods do you use at home to keep them moist and bright? Comment below and let me know. If you have any questions, don’t be shy – let me know down below.

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