How To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight In 10 Awesome Steps

Do you have a head full of curls and are finding it impossible to keep them straight overnight? This is a common problem that you’ve most likely had to deal with on more than one occasion if you have naturally curly hair.

You may have to attend an important class or business meeting in the morning and don’t have ample time to straighten your hair before you leave. It can be frustrating to deal with this when you know there are so many people out there who can just wake up with perfectly straight hair.

The natural solution – or so you thought – would be to straighten your hair before you go to sleep. But how do you keep your hair straight overnight? If you’ve ever tried to do this, you know it doesn’t usually work out well. In the morning, your hair is probably such a frizzy mess that you would have been better off just leaving it in its natural state.


While this can be super frustrating, there is a solution. I’m going to share my secret plan for keeping your hair straight while you sleep. The next time you have something important to do in the morning, just follow this tutorial before you go to bed.

The Wrap Method: What You’ll Need

How To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight

To keep your curly locks in lock-down overnight, I’m going to walk you through my wrap method. This is a foolproof way to keep your hair straight while you sleep so that you can wake up fresh and ready to start the day with a beautiful ‘do.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • ​Your favorite comb
  •  A soft-bristle brush
  • A silk headscarf
  •  A duck bill clip
  •  Bobby pins
  • Tea Tree or Jasmine oil

Let me take a minute to share some quick pro tips before you get started.

  • First, the type of comb you use is pretty important when it comes to untangling curls and taming frizz.

 This is a great article that will walk you through different types of comb and brush materials and how they affect your hair.

  • Secondly, it’s important to use a silk scarf and make sure that it’s really silk.

​ Silk is special because it prevents your hair from split ends and breakage. Silk also prevents your hair from drying out, unlike cotton, which actually draws moisture out of the hair.

How To Wrap Hair In 5mins: Straight Hair At Night

​Wrapping Your Hair to Keep it Straight while You Sleep

Follow my wrap method process and wake up with straight hair. Now that you’re prepared with everything you need, let’s get started.

1. Step One: Wet Your Hair

How To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight use Wet Your Hair


The first step is to wet your hair thoroughly. This has to be done in order to get your hair in a state in which it can be combed and straightened easily. The best way to do this is to spray water on it, but if you don’t have a spray bottle handy, just take a shower and don’t dry your hair when you’re done.

If you take a shower, it is essential to condition your hair using products that contain agents to smoothen your hair. Argan oil is one such smoothening agent.

2. Step Two: Comb Your Hair

How To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight use Comb Your Hair

The second step is to comb your hair in a straight motion and do this thoroughly. It is super important to untangle your hair in this process. Use a wide and thick-toothed comb or a hairbrush with gentle bristles. Be very gentle with it.

3. Step Three: Nourish Your Hair

How To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight use Nourish Your Hair


The third step is to use the tea tree or jasmine oil to nourish your hair. Put a small amount of the oil on your palms and rub it gently all over your hair, working all the way down the shaft. This will create a layer around each strand, locking in moisture and keeping it sealed.

4. Step Four: Part Your Hair

The fourth step is to part your hair along a crease, preferably in the middle. Make the crease with a comb by demarcating the lines and then go all the way by using a brush.

The trick is to start from the front near the forehead and then go all the way to the back of the head, all the while using a finger to maintain the crease.

Brush one side of the parted hair over your ears and down your front and then brush the other side around the back of your neck and lay it over the shoulder of the opposite side of your head

5. Step Five: Wrap the Sections of Your Hair

The fifth step is to wrap the two sections of hair around your head. Take a section from one side of your head and use a comb to wrap it over the other side. Use your palms to hold the base of the part and stretch the hair carefully to prevent any bumpy parts.

Use the comb to wrap the ends around the back of your head at the base of your neck. Do it part-by-part before it’s wrapped around the entire neck.

6. Step Six: Brush the Wrapped Sections of Your Hair

The sixth step is to brush over the two sections that you made. Use the brush to go over the sections gently. This will help them maintain the structural integrity of the arrangement and keep it straight.

7. Step Seven: Layer and Comb the Rest of Your Hair

The seventh step is to use the duck bill clip to hold down the sections that you carefully made. This will enable you to comb the remainder of your hair easily. The key is to add layers to the hair. Comb the bottom part of the hair over the duck bill clip. Keep it smooth by using a bristle brush.

8. Step Eight: Smooth and Repeat

The eighth step is to repeat the combing process over the last part of the head. Keep doing this until all your hair is smoothly placed over your head. Use the bobby pins to secure this arrangement.

9. Step Nine: Wrap Your Hair in a Headscarf

How To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight use Wrap Your Hair in a Headscarf


The ninth step is to wrap your hair in a silk headscarf, which keeps the entire arrangement in place while you sleep. You can place a bonnet over the silk scarf if you need some extra support to hold everything together.

10. Step Ten: Remove the Scarf when You Wake Up

How To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight Remove the Scarf when You Wake Up

The final step is to gently remove the bonnet and then the headscarf in the morning. Slowly start undoing your hair by unwrapping one layer after the other. Your hair should ideally be straightened by now. You can use the comb to straighten it out one last time.

My Favorite Straightening Method

How To Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight

This is a method that has been used by many people with favorable results. I share it with all of my customers who come to me asking how to keep your hair straight overnight. I used to have the problem of waking up with stubborn curls and I am so glad that I figured out the perfect wrap method to tame them.

You can use additional precautions like not sleeping on a cotton pillow. You can also use a silk pillow cover to reduce the friction in your hair. Keep the temperature of your room down to a comfortable coolness which won’t cause sweating – sweating is the arch nemesis of straight hair.

What do You Love about the Wrap Method?

Did you find this method to be effective in preventing curling of your hair overnight? Tell me about your experience with the wrap method in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.

​If you have any doubts about any part of the process, you can refer to this video which gives you a comprehensive guide to preventing curls overnight.

It is easy to admire beautifully straightened hair that maintains its form overnight. If you follow my tutorial, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite straight hairstyles and bid adieu to the frustration of waking up with stubborn curls.

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