How to Make Your Lips Smaller Without Surgery

Thanks to Kylie and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner household, a lot of people are obsessed with making their lips look bigger, fuller and plumper right now. Of course, not everyone is into that trend and there are still those that would rather have smaller lips.

A small but well-defined lip can change up your look and give you a sweeter, more innocent vibe. If you’re someone who has naturally big, full, plump lips but aren’t thrilled about it, perhaps you can try sporting smaller, maybe thinner lips.


If you’re not the one for going under the knife, don’t worry there are tons of ways to get smaller lips without surgery. Before we go into that, though, let’s talk more about lips, shall we? You’re probably one of the many people who don’t pay much attention to their lips but do you know that there’s actually more to them than just giving out pouty puckers?

Why You Should Pay More Attention to Your Lips More

why you should pay more attention to your lips more

It's the lips that the men are drawn to more than any other part of a woman’s body. Your lips symbolize more than just your love for lipstick and all things pretty and colorful.

Many believe that the lips symbolize, more than anything else, your sensuality and sexuality. The body language that you show through your lips says a lot about it.

Your lips can also be a telltale sign of a health problem. The way they look and feel can be your body’s way of telling you that you are lacking something, or maybe even having more than the desired amount of a specific thing.

This can be something as simple as dry and chapped lips suggesting dehydration to something more serious like cold sores telling you that you have herpes.

There’s also what is now called as lipsology or the art of reading the lips. According to Anna Snodgrass, a certified lipsologist, your lips and the print it leaves behind also has a lot to say about your personality.

While there’s no solid proof that these lip print reading results are accurate, it’s pretty fun trying to find out more about yourself just by looking at the stain your lips leave on tissue or your coffee cup, no? Anyway, going back to getting smaller lips, here are the things you’ll need:

What You Need

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Dark or nude lipstick
  • Lip liner
  • A blending sponge

How to Do It

Method 1: The Natural Method

If you’re not the one for undergoing surgery, perhaps the natural method of making your lips smaller will have more of an appeal to you.

This method involves toning up the muscles on the face, especially those around the lips, to make the lips look smaller. A saggy, drooping face tends to make the lips look bigger, though not necessarily in a good way, so facial exercises that can tone facial muscles is the way to go.


Pucker Up and Smile

Start by placing your index fingers on both sides of the corners of your mouth then pout by curling up your lips to the front.

Next, smile as wide as you can while slightly and gently stretching and pulling up the corners of your mouth with your fingers. Repeat this pout-and-smile step 12 to 15 times and be sure to really get all of the muscles involved and working.


Open Wide

When you’re done with step one, let your face rest for a while and proceed to the next step. Take both index fingers and put them in the corners of your mouth then do the same pout-and-smile step.

This time, your finger will be in your mouth so you’ll be stretching your lips a little further. Make exaggerated movements with your lips and stretch them up as far as you can. Repeat this step 15 times.

This two-step facial exercise is great for those who are looking for something that’s natural and inexpensive, just remember to do it regularly to see results more quickly.

Method 2: Using Makeup

We all know how makeup can enhance our natural beauty, but do you know that it can alter your whole look as well? People in theater and show business have long turned to makeup to make any actress look good and fit her part.

With the right products and tools, you can change your facial features and that includes your lips.

If you want to have smaller lips, follow the steps below:


Build a Base

The first step when applying any kind of makeup to any part of the face (or body, for that matter) is to always build a good base. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and apply that to the skin around your mouth then blend with a blending brush or sponge.



Take your concealer (make sure it also matches your skin tone) and start applying it around the edges of your lips, blend, and then proceed to apply it all over your lips.

Applying concealer on your lips will make your lips blend in with the rest of your skin and it will also help your lip products go on more smoothly later.


Draw Your Lips

Now that you’ve concealed your “old” lips, it’s time to draw the new one. Take your lip liner and start drawing the edges lightly. Once you have achieved the size that you desire, you can go over the lines again and make them a little darker.

Next, fill in your drawn-on lips using your lip liner. Be sure to follow the shape of your lips for a more natural outcome. You should now have what looks like smaller but still natural.

As for the color of lip liner and lipstick to use, darker lip colors can really help make the lips look darker although you can also go for nude colors if you want your new lips to look like your real lips.


Color It

Using the shape you’ve drawn with your lip liner as your base, apply lipstick on your lips to make them look sexier and livelier. Be sure to use a lipstick that matches your lip liner to make the color last longer on your lips.

If you don’t have a lipstick and a lip liner that match, you can use a nude lip liner instead and use whatever color lipstick you like to color your lips.


Clean Up Around the Edges

If you’re satisfied with the look and the size of your new lips, you can start cleaning up around the edges of your lips with a concealer and a concealer brush. Get rid of any smudge or harsh lines to keep your lips looking as natural as possible.

Pro Tip: Keep it matte

​As much as everyone loves glossy lips that look juicy and plump, try to avoid them when going for smaller lips.

The shine of the gloss tends to make lips look shiny so it defeats that purpose of the lip makeup look that you just put a lot of time and effort on. Instead, go for matte lip products to help with making your lips look smaller.


Not everyone wants to have fuller, bigger, and plumper lips and if you’re one of those who aren’t up for it, it’s totally fine. But you can make your lips soft and smooth, that's a true beauty.

Smaller lips are great for adding that sweet, innocent vibe to your look, but remember that unless you go for surgery, there’s no permanent way to alter the shape and size of your lips.

Thankfully, you can use the methods mentioned above to fake the appearance of smaller lips whenever you want.

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