How To Make Your Lips Soft Using These Awesome Natural Methods

Are you shy or embarrassed of your dark and chapped lips? There could be many reasons why you have dark and dull lips. It could often be exacerbated by a hectic lifestyle that keeps you too busy to take care of your lips.

Lips are the most delicate part of your face, so they need good care. Supple, pink and soft lips are desired by everyone. They can enhance the natural beauty of the face, but harsh weather and an unhealthy diet can makes your lips lose their naturally bright pink color and become dark and dull.

Many cultures values pink and soft lips as is seen in movies and other popular cultural media. Having a beautiful face with soft pink lips makes people more desirable and piques the interest of everyone. This can even help your ability to grab enough attention to get your point across to another person at work or in your personal life.


In today’s social world where everybody is fighting for attention so as to get their point across and ensure their voices are heard, it is important to have desirable good looks that complement our intellectual abilities. Furthermore, soft and pink lips make us desirable for the opposite sex making our lives more exciting and fulfilling.

I’m going to share some secrets with you on how to make your lips soft using some of my awesome natural methods.

1. The Lemon-Honey Method

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using The Lemon

This is probably one of the most effective methods for your lips as it revitalizes your skin. This cleanses your lips and moisturizes them deep into the pores, thus resulting in clean, pink and soft lips.

For this treatment

  • You need to put equal amounts of lemon juice and honey in a nice clean bowl and mix them up.
  • You need to then apply the contents of the bowl on your chapped lips and leave it as a pack for an hour.
  • Then wash it off and you will see an immediate difference as your lips feel much smoother and softer.

This acts as an anti-tanning treatment to combat the tanning of the lips due to exposure to sunlight.

Doing it for a few times a week can produce the perfect results.

2. Apply Glycerin

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Apply Glycerin


One of the biggest challenges to maintaining soft lips is the battle against dryness that makes them looked cracked and hard.

In order to combat this you need to apply glycerin on your lips.

​Dip a little ball of cotton in glycerin and then apply it on your lips before going to bed.

It will provide moisture to your lips overnight and you will wake up with well moisturized and brightened lips which appear lighter in color and softer in texture.

3. The Beetroot Treatment

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using The Beetroot Treatment

Beetroot is well known for being a great source of vitamins and minerals for your body and it can work wonders on your lips as well.

All you have to do is take a slice of beetroot and gently rub it all over your lips.

It works wonders reducing the dark tan from your lips and makes them softer.

The color from the beetroot also reddens the lips subtly making them appear brighter.

4. Juice of Cucumber

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Juice of Cucumber

Most of us are already familiar with the skin lightening properties of cucumbers. But you would be surprised how well it works on your lips as well.

Applying it on your lips directly by rubbing a slice can work wonders by getting rid of darkness and dryness of your lips.

But the juice of a cucumber when applied with a cotton ball lightly dabbed on the lips can also produce wonderful effects.

5. Exfoliation Treatment

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Exfoliation Treatment


An amazing way to get nice and pink lips is by regular exfoliation of the lips to get rid of the dead skin cells.

One of the easiest ways to do it is by using a toothbrush.

  • You need to take a moist toothbrush and then lightly massage it on the lips in a circular motion.
  • You need to be very gentle with this so that you don’t end up hurting your lips.

Massaging the lips in this manner can help take off the dead skin cells and increase the blood flow to the lips making them appear soft and pink.

6. Seeds of a Pomegranate

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Seeds of a Pomegranate


Pomegranate is known to have some really amazing benefits. Its seeds also work wonders on your lips.

How to do it ​

  • You just need to take some pomegranate seeds and then crush them up.
  • Then add a little bit of cold milk and mix it all into a paste.
  • You can apply this paste on your lips as a pack and then wash it after it is dry and starts to crack.

If you do this regularly you can really make your lips appear brighter and sifter within a couple of weeks.

7. Milk and Turmeric Paste

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Milk and Turmeric Paste


Turmeric is a key ingredient used in cooking, but it is also used as a natural beauty product.

How to do it ​

  • You can take some of turmeric and make a paste with it.
  • Use milk as the base instead of water. Apply this paste on your lips as a pack and let it dry.
  • When it starts to crack, wash it off with cold water.

If you do this a few times a week you can get extremely soft lips within a week.

8. A Natural Scrub Using Olive Oil and Sugar

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Olive Oil and Sugar


For this treatment

  • All you have to do is to take a pinch of sugar and then pour a few drops of extra virgin olive oil into it.
  • Mix it all and then gently rub it all over your lips for one minute.
  • You can then rinse off the mixture by splashing cold water.

To prevent the dryness following the cleaning you can apply a little bit off lip balm.

This is one of the best naturally exfoliation technique for your lips. You can make your lips appear pink and remove the dryness that makes it look chapped.

Do this almost every other to get the best results of a soft and smooth lip.

9. A Massage of Ghee and Butter

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Ghee and Butter


This method is probably the easiest to do.

  • Take a little bit of clarified butter or ghee and warm it up.
  • Massage it gently on your lips for a couple of minutes.
  • The ideal time for doing this would be before bedtime.

You can leave it overnight. This protects the lips naturally and makes them appear smooth and beautiful.

10. Massage a Little Bit of Honey

How to Make Your Lips Soft UsingMassage a Little Bit of Honey

Again, this is also a very easy method to apply.

  • You can take a couple of drops of honey on your fingers and then gently massage it on your lips in a regular circular motion.
  • You can message it for a maximum of five minutes. Then wash it away with warm water.

Honey acts as a natural bleach making your lips appear brighter and it moisturized your lips naturally making them smooth and soft.

11. You Can Also Apply Rose Petal Infused Milk

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Rose Petal Infused Milk


For this method

  • You need to take some rose petals and then soak it in warm water for a minute.
  • After that has been accomplished, you can take out the petal and make a paste out of it.
  • Add a tablespoon of thick and creamy milk and mixt it all up.
  • This paste can then be applied on your lips as a natural pack for about ten minutes following which you can wash it all off.

This acts as an excellent exfoliation technique and keeps the lips soft and smooth.

12. Rose Water and Coriander Paste

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Rose Water and Coriander Paste


How to do it 

  • In a clean bowl, you can take some fresh coriander leaves and then add a few drops of rose water and make a paste of it all until it attains a smooth texture.
  • Apply it gently on your lips, massaging it as a pack and then leave it all for five minutes.
  • After that, wash it all off with lukewarm water.

​This lightens the color of your lips and make them appear smooth and shiny.

12. Lip Service

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Lip Service

Lips contain the most delicate tissues on your face and they need good care. They can also get dry really quick because of the fact that the food that you consume contains acids that make your lips go dry and have a corrosive effect on them.

On top of that, lips naturally shed their skin off the dead tissues periodically, leaving them parched and dry. They key to soft lips is therefore moisture. You do not wat to leave them dry. They need to be moistened, but not with saliva.

Cosmetics can provide a temporary remedy, but natural methods are always better as they do not contain chemicals and their effects lasts longer. But the real key to maintaining soft lips also lies in a little bit of lifestyle-related choices.

Here are The Best Lifestyle Tips for Achieving Soft Lips

1. Keep yourself properly hydrated. Drink lots of water to get beautiful and pink lips.

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Drink lots of water

2. Quit smoking. It is probably the healthiest thing to do. Cigarettes always burn your lips giving them a dark and parched look. It also bad for your lungs. So avoid it altogether.

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Quit smoking

3. Too much of tea or coffee can also cause lips to get extremely hard and dark.

Too much of tea or coffee can also cause lips to get extremely hard and dark

4. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits for all the essential nutrients and also for a brighter skin including that of lips.

How to Make Your Lips Soft Using Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

I hope you found my methods and tips on how to make your lips soft useful. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Did these natural methods help you at all? I would love to hear from you!

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