How to Shave Your Buttcrack Hair in a Safe, Hygienic Way

You may have shaved your pubic hair several times, and even discussed about it with your best friend for any advice. So did I. However, when it came to shaving my buttcrack hair, I was simply too embarrassed to even mention in to anyone I knew. But, the good news is you don’t need to ask anyone about it either!

If you want to learn how to shave your buttcrack in a safe and hygienic way, you have come to the right place. The method that I have shared below was passed on to me by an experienced salon owner who uses this method himself.


If you are wondering whether buttcrack shaving is a bit trickier than shaving other parts of your body, then the answer is yes. However, if you follow the easy steps mentioned below, you should have a clean shaven butt in no time. So, without further ado, here’s how to shave your buttcrack hair safely.

Get Your Supplies in Order

Before you learn how to shave your buttcrack hair, you will first need to gather a few supplies that are absolutely necessary to the method below. Most of these supplies may already be lying around your home, but if not, you can find each one of them on any leading online marketplace or a supermarket near your home.

I advise you to bookmark this page on your mobile so you always have the list with you.

Electric Shaver

How to Shave Your Buttcrack Hair with	Electric Shaver


First you will need a good quality electric shaver or groomer. I wouldn’t advice using the same shaver that you use on other parts of your body for hygiene issues.

Also avoid buying electric shavers of substandard makes as your anus is a really sensitive part of your body and a faulty shaver can cause irritation or other serious issues.

If you are using a previously used electric shaver, be sure to sanitize and disinfect the shaver in warm water before using it to shave your buttcrack hair.

Manual Razor

How to Shave Your Buttcrack Hair with Manual Razor


Along with an electric shaver, you will also need a manual razor to help reach the more intimate parts of your buttcrack.

If you have never used a manual razor before, I strongly recommend that you first get accustomed to using it by shaving hair on your face or any other body part.

Make sure to buy a new stainless steel blade for your razor and not re-use any old blades.

Handheld Mirror

How to Shave Your Buttcrack Hair with	Handheld Mirror


A handheld mirror is a must if you want to avoid cuts and bruises while shaving your buttcrack hair. Get a medium-sized mirror with a comfortable handle.

Shaving Gel

How to Shave Your Buttcrack Hair with	Shaving Gel


You will need some good quality shaving gel to apply down there before using the razor. Without shaving gel, the whole process will proves to be painful and unbearable.

Apart from these products, you will also need an antiseptic cream, body talc and a clean, dry cloth.

The Step-by-Step Shaving Method

I again strongly advise you to follow all the steps just as mentioned for the perfect, safe shave.

Step 1

How to Shave Your Buttcrack Hair

Before you start shaving, you need to ensure that the skin around your butts is completely clean and disinfected. The best way to do this is to bathe with warm water and use a clean, dry towel to dry your body. If possible, use a brand new towel to avoid bacteria from old towels.

Step 2

Before shaving the hair inside your buttcrack, you may want to first shave the hair present on your butt cheeks.

To do this, first use the electric razor and run it across your butt cheeks till all the hair has been trimmed. After you have done this, apply some shaving gel on any one of your butt cheeks, and shave clean with the razor.

Repeat the same step with your other butt cheek.

Do not apply the shaving gel to both butt cheeks at once as this will make holding the two cheeks apart difficult. If you happen to nick yourself during the process, don’t panic – just use a styptic pen to stop the bleeding.

Step 3

Once you have shaved the hair on your butt cheeks, it is a good idea to clean both the razor and electric shaver before proceeding. Disinfect the blade of the electric razor using some rubbing alcohol and replace the blade in the manual razor with a new one. Dry both tools before proceeding.

Step 4

For this step, you will need to use the handheld mirror. What you will need to do is place the mirror on a flat floor, facing up. After this, you will need to squat above the mirror till you have a clear view of your buttcrack.

Do not start shaving until you have the best view possible as moving the razor around your buttcrack without a clear view can be quite dangerous. If you have found the perfect angle, but still cannot see clearly, you may want to try shaving under brighter light.

Step 5

After having positioned yourself comfortably over the mirror, apply an optimum amount of shaving gel uniformly along your buttcrack. Once you have completed applying the shaving gel, you can proceed to use the manual razor and start shaving.

Make sure your hands are stable while shaving to avoid any cuts or bruises. Use slow, steady movements to shave the hair in your buttcrack. Remember that a little patience can take you a long way while saving your buttcrack hair.

Step 6

If there is any hair remaining along the borders of your buttcrack and the skin there seems too sensitive for a razor, use the electric shaver very carefully to shave the remaining hair. Continue to sit in the same position under the handheld mirror as before, while performing this step.

Step 7

After you are satisfied with your shave, use cold water to rinse any excessive gel and stray hair. You can also use some anti-bacterial soap to cleanse the area. Once you have washed your butt cheeks and buttcrack thoroughly, use a new, dry towel to dry your body.

Don’t use any old, used towel if you want to keep bacteria away from the freshly shaved area.

Step 8

After drying your butts, apply some antiseptic cream or aftershave to the butt cheeks as well as the buttcrack. This may cause a small pinch initially but that is only natural. At the end, apply some body talc to cool off the area. Continue to apply the antiseptic cream daily for a few days to ensure no allergy or infection occurs.

Some Pro Tips

  • Make sure to pass stool before starting the shaving. Passing stool in between the process can cause discomfort and inconvenience.
  • In case any irritation occurs after completing the shaving process, immediately consult a medical professional to avoid unnecessary escalation of the problem.
  • After a few days of shaving, it is recommended that you exfoliate your butt to avoid any ingrown hairs and skin irritation. You can do this by using a clean exfoliating cloth which will remove all the dead skin cells.


As mentioned earlier, please follow each step mentioned above carefully and exactly as mentioned. Avoid using any substandard or low quality products for a healthy, hygienic shave. Most importantly, do not shave in a hurry. Keep aside at least one good hour the first time you attempt to shave your buttcrack hair.

I hope this guide on how to shave your buttcrack hair will help you achieve smooth results. If you have any queries or suggestions to share, please feel free to use the comments section below. If you think any of your friends may find this guide helpful, please remember to share it with them.

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