How to Tell if You Have High Cheekbones

High cheekbones have somewhat become a mark of attractiveness in both men and women. Several Hollywood stars and models have also been observed to have high cheekbones. Some popular faces with prominent high cheekbones include Angeline Jolie, Katherine Hepburn, Benedict Cumberbatch and Heath Ledger.


How to Tell if You Have High Cheekbones

Katherine Hepburn

How to Tell if You Have High Cheekbones

Angeline Jolie

How to Tell if You Have High Cheekbones

Benedict Cumberbatch

How to Tell if You Have High Cheekbones

Heath Ledger

But what exactly are cheekbones and how to tell if you have high cheekbones?

In this guide, you will find out an easy and simple way to tell if you too have high cheekbones, like most attractive celebrities, and much more. Learn the right make-up techniques to better highlight your cheekbones and look your best.

What are High Cheekbones?

What are High Cheekbones

If the widest part of your face is just below your eyes, you have high cheekbones. This usually results in the dipping of the cheeks slightly below the bone, which throws the cheekbone into prominence. In some cases, this dip causes a shadow which can further emphasize the cheekbone.

While high cheekbones are found right under the eye and upper part of the nose, low cheekbones are present towards the lower part of the nose. In few cases, the cheekbones may be present even below the nose.

How to Know if You Have High Cheekbones

Now that you understand what high cheekbones look like, it should be very easy to follow the step below and check if your cheekbones are high or low. All you need to carry out this procedure is a clean mirror and some bright lighting.

Step 1

You will need to stand in front of a clean mirror under bright light. Make sure that you have no make-up on your face before you begin the process.

Step 2

Once in front of the mirror, place your thumb directly above your ear tragus which is the small nub that sticks out. On the same hand, place the index finger just below your nostril. Now move both your thumb and index finger towards each other – the line that is drawn by these two moving fingers is exactly where your cheekbone is located on your face.

Step 3

Once you have located your cheekbones, you need to carefully observe its position on the face. Is it just under your eyes or closer to the bottom of your nose? If it’s the former, then you have high cheekbones, else you have low cheekbones.

How to Make Your Cheekbones More Prominent

How to Make Your Cheekbones More Prominent

If you have low cheekbones but want to try out a new look, you don’t need to spend big amounts on plastic surgery or a makeover. Instead you can just try making your cheekbones more prominent. This can make a big difference to your look and give a fresh twist to your appeal.

Things you will need

  • Makeup Brushes
  • Blush
  • Foundation
  • Contour Powder or Bronzing
  • Highlighter

The Procedure

Step 1

To identify your cheekbones properly, you will need to first suck your cheeks in to find the hollows. Once you are able to locate the cheekbone accurately, tilt a brush directly over it, at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2

In this step, you will need to focus on locating where the contouring should end. To do this, hold the brush vertically right where the eyebrows end. This is the point where the contouring will end.

Step 3

Now you will need to find a bronzer depending on your skin tone such that the bronzer is two or three shades darker. Position the bronzer just below your hairline and smoothly stroke it downwards until you reach half the length of your cheekbone. In this step, remember that the contour powder should not cross into your cheekbone area.

Step 4

Next, brighten the area under your cheekbone using a fluffy brush of your choice. To make it look more natural and believable, you can fuse the fluffy brush with bronzer.

Step 5

Finally, you will need to exercise your shopping skills and get a highlighter that compliments the bronzing well. Now apply this highlighter exactly above your cheekbones with an even small fluffy brush. If you do not have a small fluffy brush available, you can also use a shimmer blush to the same effect.

That’s it. Just follow these simple and easy-to-follow steps and be on your way to nailing the new high cheekbones look.

Natural Ways for More Prominent Cheekbones

It may sometimes happen that you do have high cheekbones but they are not very prominent thanks to the excess fat residing on your face. This is especially more common in people suffering from obesity. But worry not! Follow these few simple cheek exercises that will help make your cheekbones more prominent and make your face look shapelier.

Exercise 1

This cheek exercise is known as ‘Puppet Face’ and is a great work for your cheeks. To perform this exercise, you will first need to position your finger tips at the same exact place where your cheeks crease when you smile.Once you have done this, push up on your cheeks as you continue to smile. At this point, you are likely to feel some resistance from your cheekbone muscles. Hold for 30 seconds each time and repeat.

Exercise 2

Good massages can help increase blood flow to the different parts of the face – including the cheekbone. Here is one simple way to do it yourself. Start by placing your finger tips on your cheekbones. Next, rub your cheeks using small circular movements, moving from the beginning of the cheekbones till the jaw line below. Repeat these steps for few minutes.

More Pro Tips

The following tips will help your face take the perfect shape with well-balanced features including more prominent cheekbones.

  • If you are over-weight or obese, chances are high that your cheekbones are hidden beneath excess fat in your face. To overcome this, you will need to adopt a healthier diet and maybe consult a dietician to identify the right foods for you.
  • Drink water to flush out water – that’s right. The more water you drink, easier it becomes for your body to flush out any water retained in the face which can in turn make the cheekbones more prominent.
  • Chew more gum. Chewing gum is a great exercise for your cheeks and jaws alike. Perhaps its biggest plus point is that you can perform this exercise even while studying or working. Regular chewing can help chisel your face and make your cheekbones stand out.
  • Smile more! Yes, it’s true – smiling may seem like a simple activity but involves the use of several facial muscles around the mouth. Smiling more will help enhance the shape of your face in a way that your cheekbones will become more prominent over time.
  • If, despite exercise and diet control, the fat content of your face is not reducing, it may be a good idea to consult your doctor regarding this issue.


Though it has now become a common perception that people with higher cheekbones are likely to be more attractive, I would urge you to remember that beauty is a purely subjective manner. What is beautiful to one person may seem very ordinary to someone else. And the same is the case with high cheekbones.

Therefore, please don’t consider yourself less in any way just because you have low cheekbones.However, if you do generally prefer the high cheekbones look, you now are well informed on how to locate your cheekbones and perform various exercises and make-up techniques to make them more prominent.

I hope this guide helped you look for your cheekbones and judge for yourself if they are high or low.

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