Five Ways How To Use Bio Oil With Amazing And Surprising Results

Considered something of a miracle product, time and time again bio oil has proven it’s worth for people’s skin.

Bio oil is highly effective on a wide variety of skin types. In fact, bio oil seems to be the answer to many different skin problems facing people out there.

There are endless ways how to use bio oil and this article is here to give you some more information on these. You will be surprised at just how many ways bio oil can be used.

Keep reading to find out if it is the answer you’ve been looking for!


1. How To Use Bio Oil Works for Stretch Marks

How to use bio oil for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur across the body for a range of reasons. Whether it is pregnancy or weight loss, stretch marks are a real issues. They can look quite unsightly and have a negative impact on self-esteem and body image.

Therefore, finding a way to remove stretch marks without surgery or anything painful sounds wonderful to many people. Bio oil is just that.

The reason bio oil works so well on stretch marks is because of the ingredients. Bio oil is made from a combination of plant and vitamin oils. Working together, these moisturize the skin and improve the texture in the process. What’s more, bio oil is an easy product to incorporate into your everyday beauty regime.

Of course, you will be wondering how to use bio oil for stretch marks. When it comes to stretch marks, time is needed for bio oil to work it’s magic. It is recommended to use bio oil for at least three months to see real results.

You should apply bio oil to the affected areas twice a day, morning and night. Across the course of this time period, you will start to notice the stretch marks visibility decline. By the end of three months or more, they will be practically invisible on your skin.

Watch how bio oil has transformed stretch marks here:

2. How Aging Skin Improves with Bio Oil

How to use bio oil for Aging Skin Improves

As we go through life, we experience so much. These experiences do have a visible impact on our skin. Wrinkles and marks are inevitable.

However, with bio oil, they don’t have to become unsightly or a dominant feature. Bio oil is something that can make the aging process graceful and pleasant.

Basically, wrinkles form as the skin loses elasticity. The lines and furrows that you see on your face when you smile will eventually become more and more prominent and permanent.

The way that bio oil works is that it makes the skin softer, especially around these areas that are prone to wrinkles.

In the end, bio oil makes wrinkles less noticeable.Now, how to use bio oil for aging skin is a simple process. For the most effective results, use bio oil twice a day as part of your beauty regime.

Start by washing your face with water, then applying a moisturizer cleanser. Once your face is thoroughly dried, apply bio oil all over your skin and neck.

Bio oil will keep your skin hydrated, so much so that you don’t even need an additional moisturizer. The best thing about bio oil is that is made form natural and soft ingredients, making it perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

3. How Acne Prone Skin Reduces with Bio Oil

How to use bio oil for Acne Prone Skin

Acne breakouts happen at all different stages of life for all different reasons. There is nothing pleasant about an acne breakout on your face, but there is plenty of things pleasant about using bio oil to resolve the issues. There is nothing too difficult about how to use bio oil for acne prone skin.

  • Firstly, bio oil improves acne scars by reducing the redness and appearance over time. Yes, bio oil needs time to work on acne scars so patience is required.
  • Ultimately, bio oil won’t completely remove acne scars, but it will certainly reduce the severity and noticeability on your face.

To experience maximum effectiveness, use bio oil twice a day. Massage bio oil into the affected areas of your skin, in a circular motion. You need to commit to using bio oil for at least three months to really see results.

Keep in mind that you should never use bio oil on broken skin. While it is a suitable product for sensitive skin, it should be avoided at all times when skin is broken. Wait until the scar has healed before applying bio oil.

4. Bio Oil and Dry Skin Effects

How to use bio oil for  Dry Skin Effects

Many people out there suffer from perpetually dry skin. This can cause, itchiness, discomfort, crepey skin, and an ashiness on the skin.

In fact, this can be quite damaging to self-esteem and body image depending on the severity. Bio oil is a great solution to dry skin and works very effectively to restore moisture.

Bio oil is a moisturizer without being greasy at all. When bio oil is applied regularly, it helps to replenish the natural oils in your skin. It is most effective when used after having a bath or shower.

Also, after you’ve gone swimming or spent hours in the sun, bio oil is an ideal solution to restore the moisture lost in your skin.

How to use bio oil for dry skin is quite easy. Simply massage bio oil gently into your skin, where areas are most dry. Massage in a soft, circular motion. For particularly dry and troublesome skin, bio oil should be used twice a day, both morning and night.

Bio oil is designed for sensitive skin and uses natural products. It can be used on the face as well as other body areas that are particularly dry. See some of the results from bio oil here: 

5. There are Endless Other Uses for Bio Oil

In addition to these ways on how to use bio oil mentioned above, there are many other ways it can be used on the skin. Some of these bio oil skin solutions include:

  • Face moisturizer to replace any other moisturizing products you normally use. This is an all in one moisturizer that won’t leave any greasy or oily residue.
  • Make up primer before you apply foundation. All you need is to smooth a tiny amount of bio oil across your face before applying foundation. Alternatively, you can highlight it on your cheekbones for a highlighting sheen.
  • After sun soother when you’ve been sun kissed in the summer. Bio oil provides a protective layer over the skin which holds in natural botanicals and moisture. This is an effective way to nurse red and sore skin after too much summer fun.
  • Cuticle protector for your nails. Bio oil is so much more than just a skin care product. It is also an effective vitamin E enriching solution for your nails and cuticles. This is a great way to keep them healthy and strong.
  • Frizzy hair solution. That’s right, you can also use bio oil in your hair! Use it to fight the frizz by smoothing some bio oil on the dry ends of your hair, or combing it through your hair to combat any unruly tresses.

How Safe is It to Use Bio Oil During Pregnancy and While Breastfeeding?

How to use bio oil for pregnancy and while breastfeeding

The answer is the good news you were hoping to hear: yes, it is completely safe. In fact, it is best used during pregnancy in order to prevent stretch marks.

The main concern that some pregnant women encounter with bio oil is the ingredients of Vitamin A. Typically, this is something to avoid during pregnancy.

However, the levels are so low in bio oil and combined with so many other oils and vitamins that there is nothing harmful at all about it.

During pregnancy, bio oil is best used regularly. This well help maintain a healthy glow to your skin while preventing stretch marks. The bio oil company recommends starting the use of it in your second trimester.

From here, use it twice a day in trouble areas such as the belly, breasts, lower back, buttocks, hips, and thighs. Simply massage it gently into these areas, and enjoy some self-pampering during the pregnancy stage!


So there you have it, so many ways on how to use bio oil.

This product is a great solution for so many skin issues people are facing. It is a natural product with amazing ingredients that are soft, supple, and suitable for sensitive skin.

This article really highlights just how versatile bio oil is and how it can be worked into your everyday beauty regime without any hassles.

Do you think bio oil will work for you?

Are you eager to try it out?

The great news is that bio oil is available over the counter and at supermarkets so you can get your hands on some today to try. Share your experiences with bio oil usage and let us know how it has changed your skin for the better.

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