How To Wash Your Face With Coconut Oil In 5 Easy Steps

Are you looking for a face washing regimen that will give you a youthful glow? Do you need help getting your skin softer? Maintaining soft and healthy skin that is both clean and glowing is not an easy task, but you do not need to go through entire isles of facial product to find the best cleanser out there.

There is one super effective, natural product available to everyone that will help you maintain the soft and glowing skin you desire. This product contains just one ingredient: coconut oil. Learning how to wash your face with coconut oil is very simple and very effective.

Within a couple of short months, you will be convinced of coconut oil’s rejuvenating and moisturizing properties. At the end of the regime you will be left with very clear, clean and bright skin.


I love washing my face with coconut oil. My skin always has the perfect glow and is the softest I’ve ever felt it when I follow this regime. Ever since I put it together, I’ve been following it for a couple of years now and would never follow another regime again.

Get Healthier, Happier Skin with Coconut Oil

Get Healthier, Happier Skin with Coconut Oil

There are many complicated step-by-step face cleansing methods out there that require a number of different products and tools. Despite the lofty promises of these treatments, it turns out that they do not always lead to the happy experience advertised.

Natural compounds present in coconut oil can lead to skin that is much healthier and happier. This cleansing regime is one of the purest methods out there. It is super effective in removing dirt and impurities from the face. It is even known to clean the bad, sebaceous oils that often cause acne and other skin problems.

What You Need for This Regime

How to Wash Your Face with Coconut Oil in 5 Easy Steps

Preparing to wash your face with coconut oil is very simple and doesn’t require many tools or different ingredients. Here’s a short list of everything you will need to follow the rest of this regime:

  • All-natural 100% coconut oil
  • A small microwaveable bowl or small pot (if you don’t have a microwave)
  •  A soft, clean face towel
  •  Warm water, heated to just below boiling

Before you begin washing your face, heat the water to just below boiling, remove it from the heat and submerge the face towel in it. This will keep the towel warm for when you’re ready to use it, but it won’t be too hot.

How to Wash Your Face with Coconut Oil

Washing your face with coconut oil is super easy. You will love how soft and fresh your face feels when you’re done. You can perform this process once per day and you will begin to see amazing results within just a month or two.

#1- Heat the Oil

How to wash your face with coconut oil Heat the Oil

Take a small amount of oil and warm it up. If you have a microwave, use a small microwaveable bowl to do this. Heat it on high for just 15 seconds and check it. If it isn’t warm after 15 seconds, heat it at 5 second intervals until it’s warm but not hot.

If you don’t have a microwave, use a small pot to heat the oil until well below its boiling point. You want the oil to be warm, but not so hot that it might burn your skin.

#2- Coat Your Palms

How to wash your face with coconut oil Coat Your Palms

Once the oil is all warmed up, rub a generous amount of it between your palms so that they’re coated thoroughly with the oil.

#3- Apply the Oil

How to wash your face with coconut oil

Gently apply the warm coconut oil to your face. Massage in circular motions as you apply it, covering all of your face with it.

#4- Apply the Towel

How to wash your face with coconut oil Apply the Towel

Take the warm towel out of the hot water, squeeze it out, and place it over your face. Lean your head back and let it sit over your skin for 1-2 minutes.

#5- Remove the Oil

Dab the towel over your face and then rub the excess oil off using gentle, circular motions with the towel.

Pro Tips and Things to Remember

How to wash your face with coconut oil

You can get take the cleansing and nourishing properties of this regime to the next level by adding a small amount of tea tree, lavender, or geranium oil to the coconut oil as you warm it up.

There are some essential things to remember while using this method to clean your face:

#1-  First of all

How to wash your face with coconut oil

 If you’re using this for the first time, then be sure to apply a little bit to your face and then see how your skin reacts to it. Not everyone has the same reaction to all natural substances.

Many people may experience an increase in acne while using this on their face. If that is happening to you, change the oil and follow the same process with a different natural oil that doesn’t contain pungent acidic chemicals.

#2-  Secondly

How to wash your face with coconut oil Apply  remove the make-up

You do not necessarily need to remove the make-up that you’re wearing in order to use the oil for a good cleanse. It turns out that you can achieve the similar result by just keeping the make-up.

#3- ​ Thirdly

How to wash your face with coconut oil Apply  apple cider vinegar

You do not essentially need to wash your face with a cleanser and then apply additional moisturizer on your face. Even if you have a dry skin, the coconut oil method nourished your skin and keeps it moisturized.

You can use a little bit of apple cider vinegar in order to be able to freshen up the skin and combat the alkaline nature of this regime.

#4- ​ Finally

How to wash your face with coconut oil Apply virgin oil

It is recommended that you use a virgin oil that has been freshly pressed. Store it in a glass jar. It remains solid at room temperature. Do this regime at least thrice a week. It is important to space out the days that you do this in. It is to ensure that your skin gets the rest that it needs.

Coconut Oil is a Miracle Oil

How to wash your face with coconut oil


I hope that you enjoyed reading this tutorial and that learning how to wash your face with coconut oil has been of tremendous use to you.

What I love about this oil cleansing method is that it’s an all-natural, stress-free method that doesn’t require much preparation of intricate techniques – it just uses simple ingredients and easy application.

Remember to always purchase pure, organic oils that do not contain any chemical additives or fragrances, like the one I mentioned above. It is always important to use cold pressed oils that are pure. These oils do not contain pesticides, which you would want to avoid for your skin at all costs.

Coconut oil has a very softening effect on the texture of the skin. The results are always very encouraging when you see your skin become less red and rough. The fact that it is an all-natural ingredient also makes this method more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

​Please feel free to leave me your feedback about how effective you found this method to be in making your skin softer and cleaner. The science is conclusive and the feedback I’ve gotten from other people who have used it is also encouraging.

If you have any questions about this method, I would be happy to answer them.

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