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12 Quick and Easy Natural Home Remedies to Soothe Your Sunburns

Prevention is better than cure. That's what they always say. It would be nice if you are conscious regarding your skin’s health to prevent sun damage. There’s a lot of ways to prevent yourself from getting a sunburn. You can wear sunscreens, protective clothes, and accessories.

However, I can’t deny the fact that we sometimes enjoy so much leisure activities under the sun that we forget to take precautions for our skin. That’s why it’s common to have sunburns at the end of your summer escapade. If that happens, worry not because we got you these quick and easy natural sunburn remedies you can do at home.

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Why Eyevage Is The Best Eye Cream For Dark Circles?

Dark circles eyes can be quite frustrating. Yes, they’re harmless and all that, but you hate seeing them in the mirror. The problem gets even more stressful when products you buy to treat those annoying dark circles don’t seem to work even though they cost a fortune.

There are numerous brands and hundreds of products that promise to eliminate dark circles, but they’re not created equal. Some products do work while others don’t and this post will familiarize you with a treatment that is truly effective.

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Color Me Beautiful! How to Choose the Right Foundation Shade: Easy Step by Step

Let’s face it (no pun) foundation is one of the hardest makeup to execute perfectly. When your face doesn’t look cakey, it looks like you are wearing a mask (from applying a shade too dark) or worse, you get the chalky look from going with a foundation too light.

So, where is the middle ground for foundation? How to you find the perfect balance between too dark and too light? I will be giving you beauty shortcut tips on how to find the right foundation color. But first, a little disclaimer slash reminder.

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Worry-Free Tanning Secrets: How Long Does it Take to Get the Best Tan Safely?

Summer is fast approaching so you’d better get ready with your summer body! If you don’t have enough time to get to your desired size, worry not! You can still look slimmer by getting a tan! Yes, that much coveted glowing and sun-kissed skin is not just an eye-candy, it will actually make you thinner than what you really are...but how long does it take to get a tan?

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How Does Microdermabrasion Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are unfortunately a normal bodily phenomenon in our household. My sister who has three successful pregnancies and my son who is currently in his post puberty have both experienced and endured this unsightly skin condition.

Their journey to lessening them isn’t easy since there is no curative treatment that is developed yet. But as far as alleviating the appearance of their stretch marks, there is one skin rejuvenation procedure that they are a fan of — the microdermabrasion. This article will serve as your quick guide on how does microdermabrasion get rid of stretch marks.

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