The Ultimate Sugar Bear Hair Review-Are Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins The Best Supplements For Your Hair?

There is no one hair product that suits all. Or is there? I would like to introduce you to Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins – a multi-vitamin hair care solution that has been gathering popularity for quite some time now.

In this Sugar Bear hair reviews, I’ll give you the scoop on these supplements. We’ll take a look at how this product can help you and whether it’s really suitable for all hair types.

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Vitamins vs. Traditional Products

Sugar Bear Hair Review Vitamins vs. Traditional Products


If you are suffering from one or more of the following hair problems, it may help you to add certain hair-beneficial vitamins to your diet:

  • Slow hair growth
  • Dull or dry hair
  • Excessive hair fall

The problem with traditional hair care solutions is that they try to fix hair that has already been damaged. This is really only a superficial way of going about it and cannot guarantee long lasting results. To be able to fix the issue permanently, you need to fix it from within.

This is where vitamins come in. Essential vitamins are the recommended way to treat your hair problems because they attack from the root. Just like any other body part, hair also requires basic nutrients to remain, look and feel healthy.

Let’s take a look at some of the hair problems that can be solved using proper vitamin intake.

Benefit of Using Proper Vitamin Intake

1. Growth Speed

Sugar Bear Hair for hair growth speed

Slow hair growth is more common than you think. It is a metabolic irregularity that most people think is caused due to genetic conditions only. However, this is far from the truth. Frequent use of harsh chemical treatments like bleaching and perming can seriously affect hair growth rates by causing metabolic imbalances.

Other reasons for slow growth speed include high stress and tension. You may have heard that stress causes people to lose hair. While that is true, it also slows down the rate at which new hair reappears.

Another common reason for alteration in hair growth speed is following a diet that is not nutrient-balanced. All these issues can be potentially battled by adding the right kind of vitamins to your daily diet.

2. Dull Looking

Sugar Bear Hair for dull hair

Hair that lacks shine can really affect the overall appearance of any person. The main cause of dull hair is lack of moisture at the scalp level.

Our hair has no way of making its own lubricant, therefore it relies on the natural oils secreted near the roots of the hair by glands inside the scalp.

However, this oil secretion can take a hit as you age and your hair starts to look dull.

Apart from age, other reasons that can cause your scalp to reduce oil secretion include over-use of harsh chemical shampoos and conditioners, applying chemical treatments like dyes, perms and relaxers, and using heated curling irons or hair straighteners.

The right intake of vitamins can help counter the reduced moisture production of the scalp.

3. Excessive Hair Fall

Sugar Bear Hair for Hair Fall

Unless you are losing hair due to genetic reasons, there is no reason you can’t reverse it by introducing the right nutrients into your lifestyle.

A balanced vitamin intake can help reduce hair loss caused due to frequent hairstyling that involves tight pulling of the hair.

Indulging in hot oil hair treatments can also cause damage to your hair follicles result in high volumes of hair loss.

Sometimes, using shampoos, conditioners, serums, gels and waxes that don’t suit your hair type can also trigger abnormal hair loss.

While it is important to stop using such products immediately, you can reverse the damage caused at the roots with a vitamin-centric treatment.

Essential Vitamins for Your Hair



We have seen what common hair problems can be solved by introducing vitamins into our daily regime.

But what kind of vitamins are we talking about, exactly? Different parts of the human body require different kinds of nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy and flourish.

Let’s take a look at the kind of vitamins that help hair stay healthy and fine.

1. Biotin

This is also known as Vitamin H. Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that helps in controlling dryness of the hair, reduces breakage and also increases the overall elasticity of hair.

It can be found in food items like brown rice, green peas, oats, bulgur and lentils.

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A: Benefits, Sources & Side Effects


Also known as retinol, this hair-friendly vitamin is a strong antioxidant.

It helps your scalp produce more natural oil which helps fight dryness and reduces hair fall.

It also helps fight free radicals inside the body which further promotes hair health.

It can be found in food items like carrots, spinach, peaches and cod liver oil.

3. Vitamin E

Top 10 Vitamin E Rich Foods


This vitamin is also an antioxidant that helps promote growth of new hair.

It does so by promoting the body’s blood circulation by increasing the overall oxygen uptake.

It can be found in food items like soybeans, leafy greens, wheat germ oil and nuts.

Apart from these, other major vitamins and nutrients that help in hair maintenance include Vitamins B-12, B-6, C, D (from sunlight) and folic acid.

What are Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins?

Now that we have understood the role played by the different vitamins in hair care, the big question that lies in front of us is how to accommodate so many different nutrients into our diet at once?

As shared above, the sources of different vitamins are different – and some of these food products may not even be easily available or affordable for long-term use.

This is the problem Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins – a multi-vitamin hair care product says it’s trying to solve.

The active vitamins and minerals in this product include

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Iodine
  • Zinc

​Therefore, Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins make it easy for anyone, irrespective of age, gender, location and work to maintain a balanced vitamin intake that helps in good growth of hair.

Reasons to Use Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins

Sugar Bear Hair vitamins help solve more than just one hair issue unlike traditional hair care products that are capable of solving only one or two problems. The many advantages include:

  • Faster growth of hair if rate of growth has been reduced due to metabolic imbalances .
  • Increase in elasticity of hair so breakage is reduced under stress conditions .
  • Reduction in excessive hair loss caused due to reasons other than genetic problems .
  • Reduction in number of split ends which also results in lesser hair breakage over a longer period of time .
  • Better shine and reduced dullness of hair due to increase of miniaturization at the scalp level .
  • Lesser dandruff levels but results are even better when sugar bears are coupled with an anti-dandruff shampoo .
  • People who blow dry their hair regularly or use hot curling irons may benefit from using these vitamins to shield their hair from frequent heat exposure .
  • Fortification of hair health from inside instead of superficial support to damaged hair .

The (Many) Pros

Let’s take a look at all the reasons that seem to suggest that Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins may assist in maintaining healthy hair.

1. They are easy to ingest

Unlike conventional vitamin supplements that have no taste or taste bad, Sugar Bear Hair vitamins come in small bear-shaped units that are chewy and easy to eat. Moreover, all units are flavored from real berries and citrus fruits for a pleasant experience.

2. They’re easy to travel with

You do not have to carry around five different pill cases for five different vitamins that have been prescribed to you. With Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins, you can now travel with ease knowing that all the vital vitamins that help promote healthy hair are packed into just one box. Each box is small and contains 60 bear-shaped multi-vitamin units.

3. They contain no animal products

Many vitamin supplements in the market today contain some or the other form of animal product, the most common one being gelatin. However, Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are 100% vegetarian and contain no kind of animal derived content. This is especially beneficial for people who actively avoid animal products for health, dietary, allergic or religious reasons

4. They strengthen from within

Since Sugar Bear Hair vitamins try to promote healthy hair by strengthening the hair growth system from inside the body, it is independent of hair type. This means that these delicious vitamins will have the same kind of effect on all hair types including color, density, volume, texture, etc.

5. They come in attractive packaging

The attractive packaging of the vitamins helps fight the “pill-taking” taboo. Many people are uncomfortable being seen taking any kind of supplements in the public. However, Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are packaged in a vibrant and fun manner, much like candy. This means anyone can just pop open the box and take their essential vitamins no matter where they are.

6. They’re gluten-free

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins gluten-free

Recently, there has been a surge in the number of people suffering from gluten allergies. While many people are mildly discomforted, others have had more critical reactions to even small amounts of gluten. Luckily for them, the Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are completely free of gluten.

7. They don’t contain dairy or soy

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins don't contain dairy or soy

Other common allergies related to intake of soy and dairy products (lactose intolerance) are also on the rise. However, these vitamins do not contain any kind of dairy or soy product or byproduct, making them completely safe for use by people suffering from such allergies.

8. They’re FDA approved

Sugar Bear Hair has FDA approved

These vitamin supplements are manufactured using FDA approved guidelines to ensure that standard quality and safety measures are met.

9. They can be taken any time of the day

These vitamin bears can be taken any time of the day. Recommended dosage is just two sugar bears a day. This means that you don’t have to set an alarm or panic if you forget to take them at a specific time.

The Cons

  • Biotin intolerance is a somewhat common issue, and if a person suffering from it takes Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, he or she may experience skin allergies. Therefore, please make sure you are not intolerant to biotin before taking these vitamins.
  • Biotin intolerance is a somewhat common issue, and if a person suffering from it takes Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, he or she may experience skin allergies. Therefore, please make sure you are not intolerant to biotin before taking these vitamins.
  • Like many other supplements, pregnant ladies are best advised to avoid using these vitamin supplements.
  • Many people have asked me if Sugar Bear Hair vitamins can help regrow hair on a completely bald head. Unfortunately, they cannot. They can only help boost health of hair that is already present.
  • Diabetics should consult a medical professional before using these supplements as the recommended daily dose of just two sugar bears contains 3 grams of sugar.
  • Many current users of these vitamin supplements have reported that mild acne is a possible side-effect that users must be aware of.

A Practical View

While these wonderful tasting Sugar Bear Hair vitamins may comprise all major nutrients required for hair care, it does not mean that using them will guarantee great results no matter what. As with any other supplement, the intake must be balance with a healthy lifestyle.

For faster and more effective results, it is strongly advised to avoid misuse of chemical-heavy hair products, and heat-based hair applications like curling irons and pressers. Avoid unhealthy habits like eating junk food, skipping all physical activity and leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Sugar bears are not magical pills that will create great results overnight despite unhealthy habits. They are only supplements that can build over an already healthy lifestyle.


Sugar Bear Hair vitamins may prove very helpful in promoting the overall health of your hair thanks to the high number of vitamins and nutrients they contain. This product holds many strong points in its favor including its great taste, multi-problem solving abilities and safe FDA approved manufacturing practices.

However, at the end of the day, you also need to lead an overall healthy lifestyle if you want to see your hair truly healthy and fine.

If you are allergic to biotin or any other ingredient used in Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, or are pregnant, or suffer from diabetes, you are first advised to consult a medical professional before using these vitamin supplements.

I hope this in-detail Sugar Bear Hair review has helped answer all your questions about this new hair care product. If you have any questions to ask or suggestions to share, please feel free to share them in my comments section.

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