Seriously, What are Solar Nails? Shocking Truth Revealed

With all the available products for coloring and “pretty-fying” our nails, it is easy to get confused with the different products now available in the beauty industry. From the old nail paint, acrylic nails/polish, to gel nail/polish, and now-solar nails.

What exactly are they? You know how the old nail paint looks like don’t you? Acrylic nail/polish and gel/polish has been in the industry for quite some time and most girls already know how to use them, but solar nail/polish? Have you ever heard of it before? If not, then you better read into this article, because it answers the question to what solar nail polish is all about.


My grandmother used to say, “Your nails give the most impression about what kind of woman you are”. To tell you more about my grandma, she is vain, classy, and very sophisticated at her age. I think I got my love for skincare and beauty products from her. Since she said that, I made it sure that my nails were always clean and beautiful to look at.

As a young girl, my rule was, “it’s either perfect nail polish, or no nail polish at all”. I guess I also got that from her. Who would think, broken, chipped, and incomplete nail polish is appealing anyway?

When it comes to nail products, they are my personal priority in my beauty kit. I guess because it gets me more compliments than my perfectly done make up.

I have tried almost all of the nail products in the market (not all, though). I tried the old traditional nail paint, acrylic nail polish which I thought was good enough, but when the gel polish came out of the market, I was one of the girls who instantly changed all of my previous collection to gel ones. You wouldn’t think I would miss the chance to try out on Solar Nails when I heard about it, would you?

Acrylic Nails? Gel Nails? Solar Nails?

acrylic nails gel nails solar nails

During my mom and grandma’s time, they didn’t have any problem with selecting the best product for their nails because they used to have the old liquid nail polish.

Yes, this old traditional nail paint is otherwise called Acrylic nail polish because of its composition-liquid and colored/paint powder. Gel Polish, however, looks exactly the same when it comes to packaging, except that you will be needing a UV light and LED light to cure the gel and dry it faster (usually within 4 minutes.) Sounds faster and more convenient, right?

However, you need to master putting all the base gel, the actual nail polish, and the top gel- curing each nail after each application. Yes, it may sound like too much work, but it is quick and easy to do. I really enjoyed working with gel polish a lot. Once you get the hang of it, painting and curing your nails will become natural and very easy for you.

Composition-wise, unlike acrylic which has liquid and paint powder, gel polish is just that-gel and it has photoinitiators that hardens and cured when exposed to light such as UV light and LED light. You can get more idea about the comparison between acrylic paint y reading this article.

When it comes to artificial nails, gel nails are soft and comfortable to wear compared to acrylic ones which feels hard and can be uncomfortable because it doesn’t feel natural. Also, because the texture is too thick and hard, overuse of acrylic nails can damage your natural nails unlike gel polish. Read more information between the comparison of the two artificial nails on this article.

All About Solar Nails

all about solar nails

When I heard about solar nails, I got so intrigued. When I researched online and saw a facebook post of a nail artist and a nail shop owner named Beth Albrecht, I learned that Solar Nail polish, based on its composition, is a form of Acrylic Nail Polish.This is the link to that Facebook post.

After reading this post, I was like, “What a bummer. I mean I like acrylic nail polish, but I love the gel polish a whole lot better.” So that’s it? Solar Nails are just Acrylic Nails all this time? Something told me that it’s not.

I researched further and came across this article which clarifies that Solar Nails may be a form of acrylic nail, but the materials used are far better and improved. It is not hard and “unnatural looking” like its predecessors, it looks and feels natural like a gel nail. It looks better at that! You see, artificial nails (gel and acrylic) look yellowish. But Solar Nails does not look yellowish at all. It looks and feels like your natural nails!

Check this video to watch the video regarding how natural the Solar Nails looks like! It feels natural and last long without chipping or breaking!

Why Solar Nail is a Winner?

Despite being Acrylic, there is no denying the fact that it is the hottest trend of the nail polish industry. It is made of the best quality acrylics that will make you fall in love with them all over again! Here are the reason why:

  • It is durable and lasts long. Since Solar Nails are built in a way to prevent cracking and chipping, you can wear these nails a long time without worrying. It is made of premium quality ingredients that is not prone to breakage.
  • It doesn’t look and feel like Acrylic at all. Old cheap acrylic nails are thick, hard, and uncomfortable. Long term use can also damage the nail beds. Solar Nails, like Gel Nails, won’t damage your natural nails like that.
  • It has shiny and glossy appearance. Old acrylic nails (and sometimes gel nails) requires you to add a clear polish to add shine to your nails. Solar Nails are shiny on itself and it remains beautiful and glossy even without a clear top coat.
  • It is refillable. Absolutely a winner! This means, you get fewer trips to the salon (saving money), Busy women like me, would appreciate if we could visit the nail salon for once every 3-4 weeks without worrying about the perfect and polished appearance of our nails.
  • It does not discolor. Your traditional acrylic and gel nails can turn yellowish over time. However, Solar Nails will stay true to its “natural nail” color and will not even change color even you go to a tanning session! Don't you just love them?


what are solar nails

I personally believe that Solar Nail Polish is the best solution for us girls to attain the best natural-looking nails. It is soft and comfortable like your gel nails except that it does not require curing each nail under a light because it is acrylic.

For artificial nails, I am an absolute fan of Solar nails. There is no other artificial nails for me now aside from Solar Nails. It is beautiful, quick to do, and very natural. You would totally forget that you are wearing a fake acrylic nail at times.

During the times when I have time to paint my natural nails, I stick with the gel nail polish, because I have so much fun doing it under uv lights. You know what they say, “old habits die hard.”

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