What Causes Crepey Skin? Learn The Best Ways To Treat It

Crepey skin is a condition that happens to millions of women as they get older. Have you noticed patches of skin around your body that are beginning to resemble the skin on your elbows? If you’re a woman over 40 years old, there’s a good chance that you might have to deal with this.

When it started happening to me, it seemed like no amount of moisturizer helped at all. I did some research and spoke with my doctor and finally found some treatments that helped.

Now I want to share my wealth of knowledge with the women all over the world who are dealing with this unsightly, uncomfortable skin condition. Aging isn’t always fun, but we can at least try our best to go through the process gracefully.

So, here’s everything I’ve learned about what causes crepey skin and some of the best ways to treat it.


What does it Look Like?

What Causes Crepey Skin

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This type of skin is characterized by thin, flaccid and loose skin that has begun to sag to a certain degree. It looks noticeably less plump or thick than young skin. It will make its first appearance with dotted markings on the skin around hair follicles.

These markings will eventually merge together, forming diamond-shaped or linear marks. As more time passes with the condition left untreated, these subtle spots will begin to appear more exaggerated. Then, the skin will begin to fold and start to become thinner.

What Causes It ?

It can appear anywhere on your body. As you get older, you might find it on your hands, face, arms, legs or stomach. The areas where it appears might also look wrinkly, droopy and saggy in addition to looking crepey.

One of the worst things about this happening is that it can be really difficult to find an effective treatment. It can get worse really fast if you don’t treat it properly, so the best thing you can do is learn about what causes it and how to treat it effectively.

There are a few types of people who are most susceptible to this condition. They include women over 40, people with fair and light skin tones, and people with low amounts of melanin, or those who are prone to sun damage.

Mostly, this crepey skin occurs as your body goes through a natural aging process. Let’s take a look at some of the ways aging can cause this to happen.

1. Slow Elastin and Collagen Production

There are a few reasons why this type of skin forms. The most common is that as you age, your body slows its elastin and collagen production. Your skin needs elastin and collagen to stretch and contract. As these proteins are produced more slowly, your skin will begin to wrinkle, sag and become crepey.

Another place where this skin condition might develop is in facial wrinkles and deep lines that form on your face as you age. This is common for many women. The most problematic type is where smaller, more defined wrinkles develop on the hands, neck and face.

2. Loss of Moisture and Fat

What Causes Crepey Skin

Another couple of common reasons why this skin condition will form on your body as you age is due to loss of moisture and fat. As you get older, your body stops producing as many new skin cells as it used to and your skin begins to get thinner.

There is a fatty layer underneath your skin that gets thinner as you age. As this layer gets thinner, so does your skin. When this happens, small wrinkles will begin to form along with crepey skin.

Because your body is producing less new skin cells, it also produces less of the oils that get rid of dead skin cells. These factors combine and may result in dry skin, wrinkles, and the formation of crepey skin.

How to Treat This Condition

There are a few treatments available to help reduce this type of skin. Each treatment addresses the underlying factors that cause the change in the skin’s texture.

1. Hyaluronic Acid and Peptide Creams 

Hyaluronic Acid and Peptide Creams

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Hyaluronic acid and peptide creams are two types of skin treatments that have been found effective in stimulating collagen and elastin production. There are a number of creams on the market containing the active ingredients that promote cell reproduction.

​2. Mesotherapy

What Causes Crepey Skin

Mesotherapy is another effective treatment that works by injecting a powerful combination of amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients that have been found to be effective in stimulating elastin and collagen production in the body.

​3. Laser treatments 

What Causes Crepey Skin

Laser treatments are also available to help reverse this skin condition. This is the most powerful treatment that is usually considered in serious cases. A beam of CO2 is sent deep into the skin’s layers. When this happens, the lower layers of the skin are irritated, prompting the body to attempt to heal itself by increasing collagen production.

In my own case, I was fortunate enough to find that some of the creams available improved my skin’s condition a lot. I also went to a nutritionist who gave me some great diet advice to help hydrate my body and nourish my skin with the vitamins and minerals I was lacking such as vitamin C to lighten the skin.

However, if you have a serious case or have let the condition go on untreated for a long period of time, you might be better off trying mesotherapy or laser treatments. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist before deciding on a treatment.

Points to Remember

What Causes Crepey Skin Points to Remember

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If you’re already dealing with this condition, try the treatments mentioned above. If you’re not dealing with this condition yet, remember to take good care of your skin and always drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help keep your skin healthy and looking younger longer.

Remember, there are a few types of people who are most susceptible to this condition:

  • Women over 40 years old.
  • People with fair and light skin tones.
  • People with low amounts of melanin – the same people who are prone to sun damage.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you understand more about what causes crepey skin and the best ways to treat it. If you have any questions or advice that you would like to add to my own, please leave me a comment.

Stay healthy and get your skin glowing again with the tips I’ve left for you here.

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