What is Remy Hair? Why is It for You?

When talking about hair as your “crown and glory,” many of us girls tend to have the urge to reinvent our hairstyles frequently. This sometimes ends in a disaster. If that happens and you can't wait long enough for your hair to grow back then getting extensions is your best bet. So what makes Remy Hair special? I was curious as well so I researched a lot and came up with this article.


What Is Remy Hair extension?

what is remy hair extension

​Remy Hair is a high-grade human hair extension that claims to give the most natural look since unlike common human hair extensions, each human hair strand in Remy hair has its cuticles intact.

​Though it is recently getting popular, some are not yet fully aware what this is all about. Is it just another fad in the vast and continuously changing world of beauty and haircare?

Before we start discussing more about the product, it is better if we discuss more about some considerations in getting a Remy Hair.

According to my own research and as documented by many articles online, prolonged use of hair extensions can have a pulling effect on your hair roots and end up damaging the follicles, scalp and the hair itself.

Pretty much the same way as wearing ponytails and rubber band for long, so don't panic too much at the word "damage". Here are the most important considerations.

1. Knowledge about the product quality

remy hair

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Remy hair is all-natural human hair so you wouldn't have to deal with synthetic shine and chemical odor. You should be able to differentiate the quality of a true Remy hair over other extensions by comparing it to your own hair.

Remy should be smoother and softer. You should also know that Remy hair is categorized into Virgin Remy hair (non-chemically treated) and Non-Virgin Remy Hair (chemically treated with hair colors).

2. A style you want

a style remy hair you want

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Before buying an extension, you should already have a perfect picture of what hairstyle are you trying to achieve. If unsure, it is best to consult the provider or the salon so that you can plan on the end result together. They will give you the best suggestion about the length and style that would fit you best. You can research for stylist and providers online or you can also click here.

Now that you already thought about the things needed to be considered, let's talk more about the product itself. If You now know that as a natural hair extension, it claims to look and feel like your natural hair. You can also treat it as one-comb it, wash it, and style it as you would to your natural hair.

With Virgin Remy Hair, you get an untouched (unprocessed and untreated) human hair that most likely came from a single donor, whereas non virgin Remy Hair is still human hair that may have been bleached, colored, straightened and permed to make your extension. It may come from different donors and were all treated to get a unified and gorgeous result.

non virgin remy hair

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Extensions are commonly used by models, actresses and people who either

  • Can't wait for their natural hair to grow longer.
  • Needs additional volume to their sparse and limp hair.

It is not for those with unhealthy scalp or hair as it is known to cause further damage if you intend to have it for a long time.

Pros of Remy Hair

  • It is very natural-looking and soft to touch.
  • You can style it any way you like.
  • It lasts longer than any other hair extensions.

Cons of Remy Hair

  • Costs more than ordinary synthetic extensions.
  • Can cause damages to your natural hair (especially permanent extensions).
  • It's human hair, so it requires more maintenance than your synthetic hair extensions.

For detailed pros and cons of having a hair extension, you can click on this article for your reference.

What are the Features of Remy Hair?

what are the features of remy hair

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Let us now look at the features and benefits that are true to the claims of the product so we can better understand the difference of the Remy Hair against other hair extensions in the market.

Remember, this industry is not regulated so some manufacturers might be able to label any hair extension “Remy” as part of their marketing strategy. Knowing what the Remy Hair features really will paint you a better picture in your head.

This will allow you to set proper expectations about the product and be a keen observer of quality and authenticity.

1. Remy Hair Has its Cuticle Intact

This is the reason why it looks more natural and flows in just one direction. If you are new to the hair extension thing, you must be wondering what a hair cuticle is. It is actually the outermost part of your hair shaft.

Magnifying your hair, it will look like layers of scales that are facing downwards of each hair strand. It gives your hair strength and is the natural protection of a natural human hair. This is the reason why having the cuticle intact, makes Remy hair longer lasting than any other types of hair extensions.

How will you know if the cuticle is intact or if it's a genuine Remy? You can pinch a few strand of the extension from the tip (root) and rub it against each other. Genuine Remy or hair with intact cuticle will climb up to the palm where the roots are held. Strands that just slip smoothly are non-cuticle hair extensions. See video.

2. Remy Hair is 100% Human Hair

Try not to be confused by this one. In the world of hair extensions, Remy Hair and 100% Human hair can be two different types of hair extensions. Both of them are human hair. It’s just that 100% Human Hair means the cuticles of this hair extension are already removed.

Between the two, Remy hair costs more but lasts longer. Keep this in mind and base on the purpose, decide on which product will give more value to your money.

3. Remy Hair Can be Styled the Way You Style Your Natural Hair

With Remy Hair extensions, you can style it anyway you like. You can iron it and even cut it. Some people even go to salons and get hair treatments like perming, coloring and the like. Such things are never possible with other hair extensions. Synthetic extension, for example, cannot hold up hair coloring and can be burned using your usual hair ironing tools.

These features are undeniably the main reason why Remy Hair is gaining more popularity these days. As a matter of fact, if you would type “Remy Hair” in Amazon, you’ll get a list of best sellers and most of them get higher than 4 (out of 5) star rating. This means that many people patronizing Remy Hair are highly satisfied with the results.


If you are still confused about the difference of Remy Hair compared to other hair extensions and weaves, watch this video for in depth discussion about that topic.

Realizing now that getting Remy Hair is like adding more human hair to your crown and glory.

You can still treat it and style it like you would with your hair and that will be more convenient and easy for you. It also does last long which may make you forget that you are wearing extension.

Also note that Remy Hair from salons are more expensive (because of branding) so if you find a reliable vendor or manufacturer of Remy Hair, you can purchase it directly with them and just have your salon attach it for you.

Another easy way to do it is purchase a remy hair clip on extensions first so you’ll know and feel the difference for yourself before resorting into more permanent or long lasting extensions for your hair.

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